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There must still be plenty more to tell about Tarn, because he was Glitch/Demus. The Demus name has not be explained in any way yet. Apart from Roberts love of using old names to describe a character e.g. Helex being Crucible (referring to his hot magma core).

I just looked up Demus in the Wikipedia Bible of all things (I'm not religious) and it says:

But in Pax's second letter to Timothy, Demus deserts Pax, as Pax writes "Try to join me soon, for Demus, enamored of the present world, deserted me and went to Thessalonica..."

Why the two names Glitch/Demus?

And why would super cop Orion Pax hang out with a convicted criminal with Empurata? There must be a big, juicy story there. Is Demus linked in some other way to Pax or Megatron? Will there be a heart breaking back story?

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