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i've recently bought Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Season 1 which I haven't seen since I was tiny...and its glorious! I've also picked up the '90s X-Men Cartoon (seasons 1, 2 and half of 3) as that has been remaindered so is cheap everywhere. Most recent film purchase was Captain America (with Chris Evans) which I enjoyed, but thought was a bit long...and wasn't fond of the weird technique used to film Evans when he was weedy. He just looked very far away all the time.
Woa. where did you get Spiderman and his Amazing friends. Been looking for it for ages.

Anyway, my latest video purchases would be
- Batman Year One DVD
- Transformers Prime season 1 limited edition Blu-ray
- Final Destination 5 DVD (and with that, my FD collection is complete)
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