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Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on my PS3. I damn good game overall.
There are some problems I have with it however:
The War Table operations in real time this isn't a big thing but a few operations take 4-32 hours (depending on which of the 3 advisors you send and if you gotten more perks with them) and you don't get much out of them other than a update to the codex, a a poor-to-decent weapon, or belt, ring, or an amulet, and little XP. I don't mind most that go 5 minutes to 2 hours at worse I can kill time running out Haven or Skyhold crafting weapons, armor, runes, mixing potions, or go shopping at worse I can turn the console off and go watch a movie, surf the net, or something. I hate those 4-32 hours, and the only way to get around them is to reset the clock on the console (which is a major pain on Xbox 360) or PC.

The multi-media extra lore that is in the game is massive. Going into this game if you really want to understand all of the details of what is going on: you have to play 2 games with all of the major DLC, read 5 novels, 3 graphic novels, an artbook, watch an anime movie and a low budget live action web series, and use a website to create a world state based on all that. For the most part the game's writers do a great job of making sure you get the gist of the novels, previous games, and the anime's plots without boring you to death.

The villain is lame. BioWare generally has great complex villains that have understandable and believable motivations, the villain here is a moronic idiot who goal is to become a god. So it's basically a one-dimensional cartoon supervillain with inept henchmen that make the Decepticons in the Sunbow cartoon show like they knew what they doing.

The MP is not as much fun as ME3's MP (which surprised me how much fun I had playing the MP on ME3 and I hate MP modes in video games).

I also got through binge watching Farscape which is one of most fun, original, and IMHO underrated sci-fi shows of all time. I would say the lead character of John Crichton is the most relatable and believable sci-fi heroes of all time. Aeryn Sun is the most badass woman in sci-fi with an arc that actually surpasses any the women on BSG and the villain Scorpius is one of the frightening villains and is right up there with Kahn and Darth Vader. Great special effects, aliens, make-ups, the CGI still holds up pretty well. The series is on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Amazon Instant Video, and it's mini-series conclusion The Peacekeeper Wars is on DVD. If you haven't seen it check it out.

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