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...Megatron wasn't that indestructible, as the events of TF:TM bore out

Haven't seen 'Webworld' in quite a while, but my understanding was that Cyclonus would be facing a rebellion from the rank and file Decepticons, unless they sort out Glavatron's mental health issues. Whilst Megatron did indeed survive a dunking in lava in HMW, this wasn't the same as the plasma bath Galvatron had on Thrull - The Rebirth also showed how dangerous plasma energy is to Transformers, so the comparison cannot be drawn.

As for COP, are you assuming because of the cartoon's take on Unicron being built by the ape-like Primacon that Cyclonus, Scourge and Galvatron are somehow weaker? If so, that's fine, but just opinion...

For an alternate take, you could refer to the comics and the characters own Universe bios that basically state that the 3 of them are tough and the power they derive from Unicron essentially augments their strength and endurance. Whilst not unbeatable, they are very much tough nuts to crack.
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