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Some of the character selections were a bit confusing. I can just about get onboard with making the Targetmasters or Powermasters into Headmasters, because Targetmasters and Powermasters are pretty weak gimmicks. But it's a little odd to think of the Triplechangers or Jumpstarters as Headmasters.

Some of the guys who weren't traditionally Headmasters do wind up looking a bit wonky because of how the gimmick messes with their head outline. Hot Rod, Scourge, Brawn, Voyager Optimus and Astrotrain all look a bit strange, but Galvatron is the big "winner" in that category. But for the most part I think the toys turned out well. Maybe the Voyagers were trying to do too much at once -- triplechangers and Headmasters with cockpits and with pop-up "collar" bits to bulk up their heads. But they were mostly good. And since it seems like Generations is going to be a gimmicky line for the foreseeable future, I'd rather those guys be Headmasters (or combiner limbs) than not get made at all.
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