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Circa Waves 'Different Creatures' (2017)
Fantastic jolly indie riffarama! Proof that there's still some life in guitar-pop and it doesn't all have to be the morose noodlings of the XX or Bastille. Hooray!

Royal Thunder 'Wick' (2017)
Mightily heavy swampy blues-metal. Love this. Got to be one of the metal albums of the year. It's f**king awesome, feels like the soundtrack to some film that's got that heavy saturation going on and is about a bunch of badasses up to no good.

Blood Command 'Cult Drugs' (2017)
Who knew Norweigan electro-punk could be so good? I'm left cold by a lot of the stuff you get at Slam Dunk, all that perennial uplifiting two-tone take on punk that the Americans seem to churn out from some factory in southern California. So it's great to have a nice antidote to all that, with this icy and zappy sounding lot.

Ho99o9 'United States of Horror' (2017)
These rapscallions with their mix of punk and hip-hop are definitely onto something. It's not quite there yet, but there's some cool stuff going on and I like their message of challenging the society we live in today, without going full on Public Enemy. It's like those pricks you see dress up in Guy Fawkes masks spouting 'TRUTH' if they had half a clue.

Stormzy 'Gang Signs & Prayer' (2017)
Rather ace debut from the current darling of Grime. Like a lot of his ilk, it'll be interesting to see if he retains his street smarts, all we he too struggle to remain 'authentic' in the glare of the mainstream? For now, we have this, a blunt set of tunes with some of the smartest rhymes around.

While She Sleeps 'You Are We' (2017)
Staking their claim for independence and self-control with their most accessible album to date. It's a bit bubblegum in places, and there's the clear influence of Architects on this outing, but its easily their most accomplished album to date and one of my favourites so far this year.

Royal Blood 'How Did We Get So Dark?' (2017)
Second album that does the same as the first - awesome rock 'n' roll that's over a bit too quickly. There's nothing in the way of pushing their sound on, or development, but honestly, I don't care. They do good tunes, these boys and that's more than enough.
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