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I have to go with the sentiment:
I'm hoping that they aren't now. That way it won't feel like such a big loss because I'm never gonna get my hands on these...
I am rather shocked that they haven't gone to the slight bother of remolding the wings on Dirge. I don't know if the larger difference makes it more or less likely for Thrust.

I'm interested to see what, if anything, they've done to the Jetfire mold.

But, yeah, cost is incredible for straight repaints like this - I thought it was steep for remolds! (But maybe that's because I'm Scottish )

Still, Thundercracker... alas, poor Thundercracker... that's a repaint I would like. Along with Sunstorm, if that's likely to be one of the other convention exclusives (now or sometime). But, I have higher priorities than forking out loads of money for these guys, when the Movie line's coming, and I value my life and forthcoming marriage!
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