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Originally posted by Denyer
Mmm... anyway, the fact they had them available undoubtedly didn't help TRU, though. People prepared to spend 20-25 quid on a small, fragile display piece are usually prepared to spend a little extra to get something first.
I guess you're arguing with Forbidden Planet having them ompetitively priced, yeh? Well, it's not particularly true of Optimus I suppose, who was generally 2-3 times as much, but for Jazz and Starscream, in FPs I visited, we're talking a difference of 5 for largely unchanged toys in far superior packaging - the the "book" reissue packages really are worth that extra bit, IMHO. Op's always going to be collectable, and most TRUs sold out of him fairly quickly, and considering the amount internet scalpers were marking the TRU reissue up to, the #0 reissue didn't go for much more in FPs and the like...

UK prices... sadly, we get a bit stiffed. Our Transformers are pretty much sold at an equivalent of $1 = 1 - Rodimus Major was sold at 9.99, Autobot Jazz at 29.99 etc.

The prices were cut a few months back, but the problem again stood with competition, and the desirability of the reissues in question... for Series II, by the time Starscream had been cut back to 14.99 [I think he was recently dropped right back to 9.99], the Takara 'anime' Collection release had been out in places like FP and Epic Heroes for 29.99. By the time Apex Op even got here, most people had cleaned up via the huge price cuts on God Ginrai at HLJ; factor into this that PM Op isn't a hugely popular figure [I still maintain it was a very bad choice by Hasbro in the first place, despite being thankful for the fforts to bring something 'new' out] and that the "plain" version [enough for a lot of fans - a polished turd is justa shiny lump of crap ] is one of the cheapest large Transformers to find, and we have a shelf-warmer. And finally for Jazz, FPs had even started reducing the Takara edition before the TRU version hit the shelves... Also, everything came out a fair while after it had even in the States [Josh Maki sent me a Rodimus Major a fair while before it hit shelves over here].

Part of the problem is that everything over here costs so damn much. I think I got Rodimus as part of a trade, best I can remember, but even if I'd given Josh money and a bit extra for shipping, it probably would have worked out a bit cheaper than the UK release. Granted, that's not the best example, but apply that TFs cost about a third more over here to something a bit pricer [say, Starscream], and you'll see why a lot of UK fans import this sort of thing, be it the Takara or Hasbro versions.

Out of interest, in the US do you get comic/collectable stores importing the Takara editions fairly close to their release? Or is it all mail-order, like BBTS and the like?
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