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I can't think of any reason why this would be a negative, frankly.
Cost. There's a larger potential market for the cars than Grimlock, simply due to pricing; leading onto...

I don't think you can really say there's "milking" going on.
...more of the moulds than not have been chosen are ones they can get multiple characters from. "Milking" not as a pejorative, incidentally, just meaning reuse. Where a mould can't be reused it's a bigger gamble (or has to be underwritten by something else) and we see fewer of them.

seen it proven wrong too many times
Don't think I was dreaming that more than one official source has indicated that reissues have been deferred or not investigated due to the market they estimate already having something in-hand.

Partly it's Takara's reluctance to use certain methods to do reissues, though.

We'll never get a new triplechanger Springer because of the FansProject one? Wrong. Third parties have taken over the combiner market and Hasbro will never make another? Wrong.
They're wrong due to either comparing apples and oranges or just being ****ing stupid, though. Mass-market figures don't compete with hundred-dollar ones, and there's no reason anyone would bow out of making figures that combine.

how many people would cancel
That's less a third party issue and more standard collector budget allocation decisions. Knowing that another product will be coming out, in a similar price bracket, most people will wait to see the other one. Large-ticket planned purchases often get cancelled in favour of other large-ticket purchases.

Also, "the fandom as a whole" doesn't exist any more than smaller groups are homogeneous. Relative to numbers sold, surprisingly little collectible product makes it back onto the main online markets. Either folk are doubling up or sticking with their choices.

The main issues third parties have to deal with are price differentials and trust issues over quality and delivering.

They could re-release the mold every year for the next decade
If they could make it pay, they'd re-release more than they do.
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