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Smile Thoughts On Sexing Up the G1 Cartoon Section.

As I'm currently using it as a guide as I rewatch the series (this Optimus Prime character is rather good, I can see him going on to be a bit of an icon), a couple of things occurred to me that might jazz up the section a bit.

First up, it's laid out according to the Rhino DVD sets (ie, the two full seasons split in half). As these are now long defunct and the episodes are in a completely different order to how they are on the sets anyway (closer to broadcast order I'm guessing? Otherwise some of the differences seem a bit random) perhaps doing away with this and removing the big pic of the Rhino season 1 set from the top would be a good idea? Perhaps replace it with some screencaps or something?

Also, as Counter-X has with it's Go-Bots episode guide, a separate page just listing the episodes in straightforward broadcast order for at a glance use would be neat as well. For some slightly annoying reason the Wiki lets you follow the episodes according to the DVD (production?) order, Japanese transmission order and G2 transmission order but not how they first went out in America.

Plus (and more importantly from one poster's point of view ), I don't think Blackjack is credited for his work on the stuff post season 2.
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