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Originally posted by Ford DeceptiFocus
Are you saying that you are looking forward to an issue that you CAN masturbate to? Personally, I think that is rather severe, but hey, to each his own. As for me, I prefer p*rn--the non transforming kind. *grin*
No, but those leaps of logic and literal interpretations are sure going to help this discussion, suit, so keep 'em up NPI, of course...

It appears to be general consensus that Beast Wars was far superior to G1, in terms of its associated cartoon. Most fans from the 80's seem to even prefer Beast Wars for the most adult stories. I would actually argue, there should be MORE fans for Beast Wars, than G1, since those that grew up on Beast Wars only later on discovered G1--assuming they discovered it at all. Whereas G1 fans graduated from G1 to Beast Wars--thus making the Beast Wars fans base larger. Erm, that's a pretty sweeping generalisation there. BW sold to a lot of kids who then went pretty much straight off it, thanks to BM. However, it outright enraged a lot of the old school fans ( - especially the older stuff). The difference is that people who grew up watching G1 are now largely 20-somethings with disposable incomes. Those who grew up watching BW are generally younger, with less disposable money, and lots of them are at the sort of 15-16 age where they're only just coming round to the idea that its okay to like something they did when they were 6/7.

As I said in my post, it's a subset of a subset... G1 is pretty inarguably the most popular part of Transformers, through accumulation if nothing else. Lots of BW's success at the time was that it sold beyond being Transformers to general kids, just as Armada and Energon and Cybertron have done... it doesn't necessarily mean 10 years later all those kids are going to want a comic. It's not old enough to be a nostalgia property and suck in the more casual buyer.

We have to remember there is a HUGE difference between the casual fan, children, teens, and adult segments in the martketplace. ............... Again I'm speaking of "casual fans"...not those that visit comic book stores weekly.
echo echo echo.

Also I'm NOT saying put a mini-comic in with the toy. Merely an ADVERTISEMENT to go to the comic store.
Which would help how? Most people are aware comic stores exist, they just chose not to go to them. Comics are a shrinking market, and leaflets in toys aimed at kids for comics that seem to be aimed squarely at fans (in the case of BW... even people with relatively decent working knowledge of the BW series aren't necessarily going to pick up the BW comic and enjoy it, especially when most of the ones they recognise aren't in it)

Happy Meal Toys are not "freebies" randomly thrown in. They are cross-promotional advertisements to go to the toy store and buy the full-size toy. Same concept.
Wow, I think everyone knew that. The big stumbling block is there's not a lot of money in the comic for Hasbro. It's a bit of extra profit margin for them something low-risk - as long as IDW keep paying for the license and don't totally sh*t on the property, there's ntohing that can go wrong for them. They have no reason to promote the comic when the TV series and line itself are doing well enough... the license is a product they sell to someone else. This is why companies chase the license, rather than Hasbro going from company to company with a begging bowl.

Also, I'd seriously ponder how many kids would be interested in a comic that doesn't feature anyone from the TV show they watch.

Seeing as you're going on about release dates and weekly visits to comic stores, what would these flyers consist of? I'fd imagine a generic cover with "Get IDW Transformers comics monthly... please...". The ideas of release dates and weekley visits would still be there unless the flyer was changed to promote each new issue, which wouldn't even remotely work.

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