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I passed on those Universe Minibots. They showed up randomly on clearance in the UK, bypassing main retail. Whilst they looked nifty, I get bored with seeing constant anthropomorphised faces on Autobots. I like that some of the original toys look alien and odd.

RiD Optimus Prime
I don't often play with this guy, and he sometimes feels more of a kit than a Transformer, but when I do get him out, he always impresses. The massive foot long fire truck is superb. The small robot mode is decent and you can add various bits of his 'Super-mode' to beef him up (if you like) and then he turns in that stunning larger robot and has the most fun set of missile launchers! Great toy. Not so keen on the 'Omega Prime' team up mode with RiD Magnus, which feels a bit wibbly and top heavy (because it is).

Beast Wars Transmetal Terrorsaur
Just a great deluxe toy. The 'transport mode' is garbage though - just looks like the pterodactyl mode has crashed into the ground. Really great robot mode and a cool looking alt mode. Colours are great too.

Generations Skullgrin
Not quite the hulking Voyager toy he should have been, but a superior use of the mould that gave us Staxus. Neat transformation and a good update of a pretty forgotten character. More Decepticons, please Hasbro!

A Special Teams merge group I always wanted as these guys just look bad ass and dangerous in alt mode. I like the characters too - they really come across as some sort of dysfunctional terrorist cell lead by an absolute b*st*rd.

Hilarious cuboid threesome that turn into the world's deadliest camera. Brilliant.
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