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Yeah, it never struck me that the licensing fee was the difficult part but rather the licensing permission.

As far as painting themselves into a corner with Binaltech's large scale, I don't think that was in-and-of itself the problem. The figures worked and the details were distinguishable, and the line seemed to hum right along so much as they had 'bots with car modes to work with. The occasional esoteric choice like Grimlock and Shockwave seemed pretty welcome at the time too. I think it was the reluctance to do other characters that are cars anyway (like the Stunticons, nevermind the combining) that led them to the oddball repaint stuff (Swerve!) to fill the gap.

I will say the 1:24 scale precluded a lot of other vehicles (planes, tanks, etc.), but they didn't necessarily have to stick with that scale for other things. They could have just started Binaltech: Air Division and made 1:60 aircraft and Binaltech: Military for larger trucks and tanks at 1:48.

Of course they did try to start over with a smaller scale for the Alternity figures, but those petered out much more quickly (the erratic release schedule probably didn't help).
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