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Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
Oh Calm down. I just thought I would make a funny joke at your expense. Dont get those knickers in a twist.
No biggie, not sure what isn't calm about a rebuttal.

Hunter O'nion IS a stupid name and was probably picked just for a gag but it doesn't "jerk" (seriously?) a reader out of a plot. Its a minor irritant.
YMMV. TBH, a gag name for a gag character I can deal with - can't think of a good example within TFs off the top of my head though I'm sure there's one or two. But if it's someone we're meant to be accepting as an ongoing lead in a comic with the grown-up pretentions that Furman's IDW work had I think it's a serious misstep (as was Brasnya; were they worried that Chechnya would boycott?). It basically meant that I wasn't taking the character seriously from that point on.

As Dalek says the other two having slightly unusual names doesn't really help matters especially as the comic is trying to present them as three random ordinairy-ish people rather than, say, mobsters in a Tarantino film.

Furman does kinda have form for this with Amos Hume from the UK Armada comic, a character it's impossible to take seriously if you read the old comic's letters pages. And Irwin & Sterling Spoon. Coming up with natural-sounding names just obviously isn't one of his strongpoints.

He wasn't the only one, what with General Hallo and all... Bob seemed to have more of a knack for it, or at least for matching names to characters - Josie Beller gets a normal name because she's intended to be an ongoing dramatic character (stop laughing!), Joey Slick notsomuch because he's a one-off joke.

EDIT: Actually, Joey Slick's a good example of a working gag name - he's a silly broken-down mobster in a silly story who's then never mentioned again. It was a pretty lousy story, though.

And good old Shia looks unlikely to appear even as a cameo. He seems to indicate that the studio had as much input into Transformers as Disney into Avengers (I'm reading between the lines on this one)

Cant say i'm saddened by his departure from the studio system.
I'm not going to disagree with him over both Indy 4 and TF 3 being crap (his words, not mine) but I think its a bit shit to take the big pay cheque from a studio and then shit on it during promotion.
Never really expected him to be back in any capacity for 4 and am still mildly surprised he never found any way to extricate himself from the one or both of the sequels... Regardless of his opinions I think it's quite good to be outspoken about that sort of thing; he just wants to be a bit careful or he'll struggle to find really well-paid work again.

I'm guessing his rough plan is to do the Depp thing of taking a blockbuster role with big money every couple of years so he can afford to appear in art/indy scripts for scale and/or direct and the like but Depp plays the game and doesn't slag off the studios and/or audiences while doing it.

It does seem a tad... ungrateful, though, doesn't it? Without four big franchise films making him such a household name he'd probably have fewer offers on the tables and less money. It's the sort of thing it's quite easy to bitch about after he's done it but it's not like anyone had a gun to his head in 2006 or whenever he signed the contracts...
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