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Originally Posted by Ackula View Post
Thats confusing me as well. Seems like a very odd choice for Ultra figures, and I really expected a Galvatron to be released as an Ultra.
I certainly can't see them releasing him as a deluxe, so (unless they're doing some voyagers in the later waves) he's got to be an ultra that they're holding back for a later release. You'd think he'd have been front and centre in the first wave, though. :\

Like I said, odd choices to lead off the line with.

Originally Posted by Notabot View Post
I forget if it was mentioned somewhere else, but is Onslaught definitely not a combiner? An Ultra for the core body might be cool with deluxes for limbs.
I don't think we've gotten any official word, but if he's a combiner the combination points are very well hidden in robot mode.
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