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Old 2002-07-06, 07:46 PM   #1
never again
Arrow assorting time lines

i originally posted this in the armada section but it might be better here:

so let me get this straight, g1 takes place '84 to '07ish, armada is in 2010, beast wars/beast machines circa 2300, and still no solid explanation for rid (other than hasbro saying it's not in the same existance/continuity as any other transformers, which i don't like)? i guess that would make armada a "prequel" to bw/bm.

other sagas: i guess it's safe to assume g2 is right after g1, and machine wars (rarely discussed and forgoten about for the most part) which never really had a story, i assume is from the same era as beast wars, perhaps representing transformers that didn't join the beast wars gang in going to prehistoric earth. what does everybody think of this?

and another thing, someone said that the armada megatron couldn't be the old megatron, does that mean megatron died for good at the end of the g1 series? i never saw any of those later episodes.
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Old 2002-07-06, 11:37 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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My advice: Don't even bother trying to reconcile everything together.

Also, this isn't news, and there's already a topic in the Armada forum.

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