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Old 2002-07-18, 08:16 AM   #1
Default TFarchive DirectConnect down?

over the last few days ive been stuck with

<Client> Direct Connect 1.0 Preview Build 9.1
<Client> Connecting To
<Client> Disconnected From Hub

as soon as i try connect to it.

Anyone else getting this? Is the server down?

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Old 2002-07-18, 10:06 AM   #2
Time for plan bee-weeoop
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Wrong forum and check the main site. There's something about a different address to use or something
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Old 2002-07-18, 01:05 PM   #3
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The hub is:

Hey, comics fans!
Visit . It's the weekly radio show about comics. Joe Quesada,Larry Hama,Brian Michael Bendis,Greg Rucka,Mark Waid and many other comics creators have appeared on the show.
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Old 2002-07-18, 04:16 PM   #4
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Originally posted by Unicron
Wrong forum
Mm-hmm. I feel that this will fit better (and likely get more looking) in QatW.

**Topic Moved**

Flec's selling a lot of RID, Armada, and Energon, and a few G1 toys. 'S all I'm sayin'.

The TFArchive RPG - "the most popular part of the site[!]" - Skywarp. Darn tootin'.
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Old 2002-07-19, 07:35 AM   #5
Alpha Trion
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Default Why can't I vote in polls anymore?

Ignore this. I clicked "post reply" instead of "new thread."

Last edited by Alpha Trion; 2002-07-19 at 07:37 AM.
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