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Default "Roaring Thunder"

This is a redo of Rolling Thunder. And I learned that I need to post the fic here.

"Roaring Thunder"
Part 1

Scene opens up:: 7 White Mountains appear made of ice,and snow. Inside the mounatins stands a large kingdom made of crystal stands. A girl sits in a room sitting on a chair by the window and leaning on a table.

Snowblaze sat in her chair with her chin rested on her hands and her elbows rested on the table. She was a young female with long blonde hair. Snoeblaze wore a silver mask that covered her eyes and a black and white costume. She had long black gloves and low black boots with white fuzzy tips. SnowBlaze was known as the Guardian of the Crystal Moutains and was Flash's girlfriend before he had to join the Justice League.

But Snowblaze and Flash lost contact afterwards. Plus to make matters worst Flash attempted to see her but he could never find her. When he finally found her, she had turned him away and dismissed him from the Crystal Moutains forever. Flash never returned after that and Snowblaze was now determined to get him back.

"Oh,Flash." sighed Snowblaze staring at the ceiling. The black and white female got up and walked towards the window staring out at the Crystal Mountains.

All of a sudden, a small knock was head on the door. Snowblaze turned her head towards the door and spoke softly.

"Who's there?" asked Snowblaze.

"Me, Siren" said a gentle man voice.

"Come in." said Snowblaze and turned her body completly to face him when he entered.

He slowly walked in and nodded to her.

"How are you,Snowblaze?" asked Siren.

"I'm alright. Did you get the jet ready?" she asked looking out the window.

"It's ready when your ready" said Siren but then coughed a bit.

Snowblaze looked at him,"Is something wrong?"

"Well your going back there to see him only?" asked Siren and then paused.

"Yes, I do look forward to seeing Flash again.I really miss him." said Snowblaze and headed towards the door.

Siren watched her walk past him and step out the door. He quickly faced her and spoke.

"Well,there is something you should know first," said Siren,"Before you go out there."

Snowblaze stopped and turned her head towards him.

"Yes?" she asked.

Flash forward:::

Meanwhile, at the Watch Towers Flash and AngelStar were in the main command room. AngelStar was in her spare costume and had the orignal one on a dummy and was looking it over fixing the cuts on it. Flash sat at the ledge admiring her and trying to make conversation.

Flash smiled at her warmly,"So back on Angelo what was your duties?"

Without looking at him and working n her costume still, AngelStar spoke to him.

"Well, I was known as the Angel Goddess, defender of the Silver Kingdom and the royal future queen." she said politely as she worked.

"Really?" asked Flash," there an Angel God.or future king that will share your throne?"

AngelStar finished working and turned to him smiling. She quickly jumped up and sat next to him on the ledge. Flash smiled as she held his right arm.

"Why do you ask?" said AngelStar with a flirty tone.

Flash grinned at her as he looked into her eyes as he leaned towards her and she leaned towards him.

"Just asking...." said Flash and inched closer to her lips,"Because.. a Queen needs..a rule the kingdom..together.." he whispered and was about to kiss her when the sirens went off.

AngelStar and Flash turned towards the screen and AngelStar got up to see what was wrong.

"Blasted! I was in middle of something too." groaned Flash then got up and raced towards the main room with the rest of the Justice League.


"Looks like we got company heading towards Earth." said Superman.

"Hm?" What is it this time?" asked Blue Angel,one of AngelStar's loyal defenders.

"Looks like an alien of some kind, but it doesn't seem to be a threat just yet." said Superman.

"We don't have time to wait for "Just Yet" said Batman and walked towards the exit.

The Justice League followed him towards the ship.

Flash jumped in his seat and put his seat belt on.

"So what kind of monster is it this time?" asked Flash.

"We'll see when we get there" said Green Latern.

The ship took off towards Earth's atmoshere.


Meanwhile on Earth Snowblaze took her sword out and slashed at the alien's leg but was pushed back. SnowBlaze fell on her side but quickly got up and slashed at the alien's right leg.
The alien let out a roar of pain then slapped the black and white female towards a building.

The door to the ship of the Justice League opened and Flash quickly raced out and caught the girl. She shook her head then looked at him and smiled. Flash wasn't paying attention to who it was. He just wanted to get her somewhere safe from the alien.

Superman and Hawkgirl flew out and charged towards the alien at full speed, as Green Latern flew down with the ship at his side.


Meanwhile Flash quickly put down the female and then paused.

'"You!" he said with his eyes widen.

"Flash! It's good to see you again." said Snowblaze and hugged him.

"Um..yeah." said Flash and looked at her hug him.



"This thing can't be stopped!" shouted Blue Angel as he took his sword out from the alien's tail.

"There's always a way." said Superman and started to punch at the alien's face.

Hawkgirl came racing at the alien's head and took a quick swing.

"This isn't going well,is it?" asked John Jon.

"No, but maybe I can try!" said AngelStar and took out a tiny piece of paper and ran towards the alien and slammed it on it's leg."I banish you evil being in the name of the Angels."

The alien roared a but then glared at her. AngelStar took a step back and gasped,"Oh my gosh. My power doesn't work aganist this thing!"

The alien took a swing at her but Batman quickly swooped by and grabbed her. Then both of them landed on the ledge of a building.

"Stay here." said Batman when he put her down and fired his flare gun at another building and joined the others.

AngelStar nodded then looked over her shoulder to her left and saw Flash standing talking with Snowblaze. AngelStar tilted her head a bit and said,"I wonder who she is."

At that moment the building started to shake and AngelStar quickly jumped up and rested her arms at her side then pulled them out again. Magically a pair of beauitful silver wings appeared and AngelStar swooped down and joined Green Latern.

"Where did it come from?" asked AngelStar.

"i'm not sure. But it's getting on my nerves." said Green Latern and fired at it with no effect.

Superman tried to fire at the alien with his eye ray power but there was no effect either.

Batman growled at he thoyght of a way to stop it. "Where the hell is Flash?" asked Batman.


At the moment, Flash was talking to Snowblaze when he remembered the monster.

"Listen Snowblaze I need to go." said Flash and raced off.

"But....what" asked Snowblaze and then transformed into a snow leapord and chased after Flash.

The entire Justice League team was getting tired and there was no sign of them winning this battle. But just then Flash appeared and so did Snowblaze in animal form. Snowblaze quickly transformed back and glanced at the alien.

"I'm sorry it was just one of my tricks I was pulling to get Flash's attention." said Snowblaze and made the image disapear.

The entire Justice League, Blue Angel and AngelStar stared in amazement then looked at her.

"Who are you?" asked Green Latern.

"Im Snowblaze,guardian of the Crystal Mountains." she replied and smiled at Flash happily.

AngelStar stood next to HawkGirl and studied Snowblaze a bit. AngelStar was a gentle, warm hearted, carefree soul. She never was quick to make judgement but was curious to know who Snowblaze was.

"Well it's nice to meet you." said Superman,"I'm Superman, this is Batman, Green Latern, John Jon, Hawk Girl, AngelStar and Blue Angel."

Snowblaze glanced at them then stopped when she saw AngelStar then smiledat Superman."It's nice to meet you all." she said with a gentle voice.

Flash raced towards AngelStar's side and put hisarm around her showing his affection.

"Snowblaze, I like you to meet my girlfriend,AngelStar defender of the Slver Kingdom on Angelo." he said quickly,hoping Snowblaze got his point.

"Oh it is a pleasure to" said Snowblaze trying to keep a smile on her face. But her eyes had hate written on them when she laid eyes on Flash's new girlfriend. SnowBlaze at first didn't take AngelStar's hand when she offered it, but then quickly snatched it and squeezed AngelStar's fingers and dug her nails into her palm and fingers.

AngelStar felt the pinch of pain and quickly pulled her hand away. Snowblaze manged to pierce her skin a bit with her nails but AngelStar ignoired it and hid it from the others but it caught Batman's eye but he didn't say a word.


Later, at the Watch Tower, Snowblaze was shown around by Superman. "This is where we keep an eye on thing on Earth and outer space." said Superman pointing to the screen.

"It's wonderful." said Snowblaze and looked around. Snowblaze was hoping she'd see AngelStar but didn't and smirked. Then Snowblaze saw Flash walk by towards the Kitchen area.

"Well that's it for this room. If you want I can--" began Superman but was interuppted by Snowblaze.

"Thanks but I ned to go talk to Flash." she told him and left.

Superman watched her leave as HawkGirl and Batman approached him.

"I don't like her. Something about her isn't right." said Batman.

HawkGirl and Superman looked at each other then at him waiting for an answer.


Meanwhile inside AngelStar's room, AngelStar was tending to her wound on her palm.

"Oww..Snowblaze really dug into my palm..." whinced Angel as she rubbed a wet cotton ball over the cut. "I wonder who she is."

Then sounds of a conversation could be heard from nearby. AngelStar got up and went to see. AngelStar heard Flash's voice then Snowblaze's coming from the Kitchen. So she decided to see what was up in stealth mode.

AngelStar was what humans would call a "Guardian Angel" meaning she was there to protect you always even if you couldn't see her. AngelStar used this stealth mode power to watch over a friend or an enemy but also if it looked like a situation was too much for her and she needed to get away quickly. AngelStar leaned against the wall outside the Kitchen and listened silently.

"Flash why not just give me the chance..."said Snowblaze,"After all I am still your girlfriend."

Flash put a straw into his drink,"WAS" he corrected her,"You dumped me a long time ago and banished me from the Crystal Mountains remember?"

"Yes but I was wrong. Take me back." said Snowblaze, hugging his back and placing her arms around his waist..

AngelStar's eyes widen as she turned heard this then peeked inside to see what was happening. Flash looked down and moved SnowBlaze's arms away from him then turned to face Snowblaze. AngelStar feared Flash would say,"Yes" or "Alright, let me tell AngelStar we're over." But instead she heard Flash say something else.

"No, I have AngelStar and I"m very happy with her and my friends." said Flash then left the kitchen going towards the maintance room.

AngelStar smiled as she heard Flash and lookedat the stunned Snowblaze then sneaked away in stealth mode still and returned to her room.

Snowblaze's eyes turned red as she took a deep breath. " dare you hurt me Flash?!...You choose her over me? I will make you change your mind soon enough!" she hissed."Nobody ever says no to "Snowblaze!"

End of Part 1

Roaring Thunder"
Part 2

Scene opens up:: 7 White Mountains appear made of ice,and snow. Inside the mounatins stands a large kingdom made of crystal stands. SnowBlaze stands against a bacony and looking at the small stream below.

Snowblaze hissed a bit as she looked at her reflection. SnowBlaze had recently returned from The Watch Towers and from the moment she heard Flash refuse to be hers again, SnowBlaze vowed to get revenge.

"So he chooses her does he?!" she asked herself. She looked up at the crystal mountains and thought of what Flash said to her before.

"Snowblaze, I like you to meet my girlfriend,AngelStar defender of the Slver Kingdom on Angelo." said Flash.

"AngelStar wantto get an iced mocha later?" chucked Flash

"Sure, but I will try iced white chocolate this time." she giggled

"Aw c'mon Angel! It's suppose to be Iced Mocha. It's My trademark and I'm sharing it with you!" said Flash.

"Fine, be a whiner!" said AngelStar and then laughed with Flash as they left towards the cofee house.

"No, I have AngelStar and I"m very happy with her and my friends." said Flash then left the kitchen going towards the maintance room.

Flash foward:::

SnowBlaze's eyes watered then narrowed. She glared at the crystal wall to her left and stuck out her claws and tore through the wall.

"Ahhrghhh..HOW dare you?!" she yelled and slashed at the wall again.

"How dare he? After everything we been through." she began then her voice became darker and softer. "How dare he choose.her!!"

She turned to the sky and glanced at a few white doves that flew by.

"Hmph, graceful like a dove, gentle as can be, beauitful,intelligent and with a forgiving heart he chooses some wimpy angel!" snapped SnowBlaze.

She walked inside her room and lookedat herself in the mirror.

" I am better built! Faster, strongier, better looking, then that wimpy little angel kid! What did Flash ever see in her?! She's small! She barely reachs Flash's chest and she gets him?! asked SnowBlaze.

Al of a sudden, SnowBlaze slammed her fist into the miror and narrowed her green eyes.

"Flash is mine!" she hissed.

Meanwhile in the Batcave, a couple of bats flew by as Batman was sitting in his chair.Batman was typing something and waiting for the computer to reply.

Just then the intercom spoke, "Batman, this is Jon I'm checking the files on SnowBlaze and I believe you were right. She is more then what she seems." Jon

"Keep a watch on AngelStar and Flash then. I'll be there soon as I get the information on our feline friend." said Batman.

Jon lowered the intercom then stared at the hallway.

Inside Flash's room, AngelStar stared out the window and glanced at the twinkling stars sadly. Just then Flash walked in with a couple of iced mochas.

"Get them while their cold." he smirked as the door shut behind him.

AngelStar didn't move, she just sighed and stared at a few stars.

"Hey Angel, it's your favorite cold drink.Come on, have a sip." said Flash and then his smile turned to a frown.

"Angel?" he asked and put the drinks down and raced to her side."Angel? Are you ok?"

At first AngelStar didn't speak but then spoke without looking at him.

"Tell me Flash, how long was SnowBlaze your girlfriend before you met me?" asked AngelStar

Flash sighed,"Well it was weeks before you and the Justice Defenders arrived." began Flash

Flahblack: A Scene opens up in the Crystal Mountains. The entire Justice League are walking through snow and crystal.

"See" began Flash, "We were answering to a call for help."

Flashback:: A girl in a black and white pant suit appears in front off the Justice League and smiles.

"Then I met her. SnowBlaze. She was really wonderful.Or so I thought at the time. She was kind to me and I always went to go see her. But then she started to get jeaous cause I was with the Justice League and she banned me from the Crystal Mountains. And I never saw her again."
said Flash

FlashForward:: Flash frowned as it looked like AngelStar was completly ignoring him with her silence.

"Angel.." he asked

"I understand Flash. But maybe she was just in a bad mood and didn't mean it." she told him with a sudden heartbreak in her voice. "Perhaps, you should go back to her."

"What?" asked Flash,"Why. I'm very happy with--"

AngelStar interuppted him, "She wants you back,Flash."

Flash slammed his fist against the window.

"I can't believe I'm hearing this." he told her.

AngelStar turned around and walked away from Flash a few steps then spoke to him.

" What's the whole point of wanting ME Flash? Everyone wants those big breasted woman or super tall girls. Me. I'm just little. I don't have a huge chest nor am I as tall as Hawkgirl or Wonder woman are. I'm just me and that's all I can offer. But it seems I'm not good enough for anyone. Guess I'm just out of luck then." said AngelStar.

Flash blinked a few times and didn't say a word at first. He thought about what she said then looked at her. "Angel....not all guys judge on the size of your chest or how tall you are or what wild things you can do. Some guys actually want a warmed hearted girl, with a good heart, caring and understanding. Some guys do want someone they can talk to and relate too. Not all of us guys judge on the outside. said Flash

AngelStar stared at Flash's eyes and felt her's start to get watery a bit. His words moved her and she so badly wanted to run and hug him. Or kiss him but she was afraid now cause Flash was still SnowBlaze's boyfriend.

She shook her head in disbelif as she spoke, "Your wrong. That's not true at all." she told him, trying to hold back the tears.

Flash sensed the quiet sounds of whimpering and walked towards her. He gently put his arms around her and looked down at her.

"Angel.." he began then spoke again."Why do you say that?"

"If what you say is true then-then WHY am I always getting hurt? Why is it when I meet someone and I'm happy they find someone else?" she cried as she brought her hands to her face and rested her face on her palms.

Flash frowned a bit then ran a hand through her soft black curly hair.

"I don't know. You are a great girl. That's why." he began and smiled as he turned her around to face her,"That's why I'm glad I met you."

"You really think that?" she asked him, feeling a bit better.

"Yeah, I do mean it." he told her and looked into her eyes.

AngelStar smiled as she saw Flash move closer to her.Flash held her in both arms and gently kissed AngelStar's lips.

AngelStar returned the kiss as she put her arms around his neck. They both shared a very passionate kiss then looked at each other. AngelStar felt Flash pick her up in his arms and grin at her as he walked off with her towards his bed.

At that moment, SnowBlaze was inside a small crystal cave and looked around.

"Night!" she called

In front of SnowBlaze a blue and red smoke formed then a human girl in a long black dressstood before her with long red hair that touched the floor.

"Yes, SnowBlaze?" said the dark voice.

"I want power! I want something to destory a certain female angel that stole my boyfriend! she demanded.

Night smirked,"Do you mean Flash?" she asked walking towards a cabnet inside a cave wall.

"Yes!" hissed SnowBlaze,"Some fool named AngelStar took him!"

Night paused when she heard the name and then looked at the bottles and picked up a small blue bottle. Night then turned around and walked back towards SnowBlaze and handed her the bottle.

"This will destory her." said Night and then smirked.

SnowBlaze's eyes glowed red and narrowed as she grinned,starring at the bottle.

"Perrrrfect." answered SnowBlaze,"Perrrrrrrrrrfect."

Meanwhile, Blue Angel,White Angel,Wonderwoman and Hawk Girl decided to travel to the,"Crystal Moutains" to find answers on SnowBlaze's orgin.

"So what are we suppose to be findng anyways?" asked Hawk-Girl

"Information." said Blue Angel.

The jet turned a corner and headed towards the,"Crystal moutains"

All of a sudden the jet was shot at from both sides. Everyone almost jumped out of their seats then regained control of themselves.

"What in Angelo was that?!" cried White Angel

Blue Angel made a scanner appear over his eyes as he got a map grid to appear in front of him. Blue Angel had a heat sensing 360 degree map grid to use in case of danger.

"Looks like we got company." said Blue Angel and made his scanner disapear.

White Angel put the jet to auto pilot and opened the back door.

"So why is SnowBlaze firing at us?" asked Hawk-Girl.

"Well perhaps she thinks we are interuders." answered Wonderwoman, avoiding a blast from a nearby cannon.

"Maybe but I think---arghhh" cried Blue Angel as a beam fired on him.

"Blue!" cried White Angel and flew towards him but was blasted by the beam as well.

"White Angel!" cried Wonderwoman and flew down after White Angel.

Hawk-Girl swooped down and caught Blue Angel, who moaned as he fainted.

Wonderwoman and Hawk-Girl landed on the crystal grounds, holding their angel friends.

"Are you alright?" asked WonderWoman to White Angel.

"Kiss me, and you will find out." chuckled White Angel then fainted.

Wonderwoman glanced at him then at Hawk-Girl and Blue Angel. 4 humans wearing silver and blue armor appeared sitting on white lions. They glanced at the 4 fallen humans and smirked.

"You intruders thought you could get away didn't you?" asked one of them."Take them to SnowBlaze."

Meanwhile, Batman just finished bringing up something on his computer and jumped up from his seat. "Oh my God!" he cried.

At that moment, SnowBlaze hissed as she saw the men bring in White Angel tied up with Wonderwoman.

"I see we have vistors." she hissed.

"We have more then just 2." said a guard and pulled in Blue Angel and Haek-Girl.

White Angel shook his head,"A fine pair you two turned out to be! I thought a hawk and an angel designed for speed couldn't get caught! Well you two proved me wrong." joked White Angel.

"Do I look like The Flash?" asked Blue Angel

"I dunno, maybe you two should switch costumes." answered White Angel with a smirk.

"Silence!" yelled SnowBlaze."Now what are you doing here?!


Superman and Green Latern had returned the The Watch Towers and walked into the main room.

"Any word from Batman?" askeed Superman

"Nothing yet." said Jon Jonzz

Green Latern looked around,"Where the kids?" he asked.

"I'm not sure.Last time I saw them they were in Flash's room." said Jon

"They've been in that room since we left 3 hours ago. What are those two up to now?" asked Green Latern and started to walk towards the hallway but was stopped by Superman.

"If Flash has AngelStar in his room for 3 hours I don't think we want to know what their up to." said Superman

"You mean?" asked Green Latern.

Superman smiled and nodded.

"Oh." said Green Latern

Meanwhile in the Crystal Mountains,

"So your here to spy on me? Is that it? What' s the matter, are you guys afraid Flash will leave the wimy angel and come back to me? Is that it?" smirked SnowBlaze as she walked around Hawk-Girl.

"Your letting your jealously eat you alive now." said Hawk-Girl,"Let Flash and AngelStar be happy"

SnowBlaze slapped Hawk-Girl knocking her out cold.

"Hawk-Girl!" cried everyone.

"Shut your mouth bird lady!" hissed SnowBlaze and then smirked.
"Rrr..looks like the cat defeated the bird,again."

White Angel and Wonderwoman glared at SnowBlaze.

White Angel lowered his head and then looked at Blue Angel who shook his head silently.

"Have the prisioners taken to the tops of the snowy moutains. I will soon have a surprise for everyone." she said in an evil,smirking tone.

Blue Angel and Wonderwoman glared as they heard her words.

Meanwhile at the Watch Towers, Flash was walking down the hallway with his arm around AngelStar. Flash smiled at AngelStar as she smiled at him.

Superman and Green Latern watched them walk in and didn't say a word.

"Oh hey everyone!" said Flash with a grin on his face.

Jon was watching them and then saw the intercom blink and answered it.

"I think you better come to Gotham Park.Now! Unless you want your friends destoryed!" answered a nasty tone.

"What?" said Superman,"Who's there? Who are you?

The voice laughed as Superman spoke

AngelStar's eyes widen as she heard the voice.

"I asked a question!" said Superman

"Come to Gotham Park and your question will be answered." said the voice and then was gone.

"Now what do we do?" asked Jon Jonzz

"We answer it." said Batman standing behind Flash and AngelStar.

Later, everyone arrived at Gotham Park and before them stood a large fiery bird.

"By the Angels..." replied AngelStar

The firey bird creature laughed then looked down below.

"So you arrived! Good! Your friends have been waiting!" laughed the firey bird.

Superman's eyes widen as he saw Wonderwoman,Hawk-Girl, Blue and White Angel laying on their backs passed out floating in mid air at the creature's side.

"Grr..Let them go!" shouted Superman and flew towards the board but a fire sheild sent him flying back. The blast from the firesheild was so strong that it sent Superman flying into a building. Superman hit another wall and fell on his side.

Green Latern tried to fire at the bird withhis ring but it quickly bounced off the firey bird and hit him, sending him flying backwards.

"GL!" cried AngelStar and Flash.

The voice laughed then spoke,"I am Phoenix Blaze! Mistress of the darkness!"

"Phoenix Blaze?" asked Flash

"Phoenix Blaze is SnowBlaze." answered Batman

"What?" said AngelStar and Flash.

Phoenix Blaze laughed,"The being known as AngelStar must suffer for destorying my life! The being must Perish!"

AngelStar's eyes widen as she felt Flash grab her and hold her tightly and saw Batman and Jon stand by their side.

To be Contuined....

"Be happy! Smile!Share a smile!"

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