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Old 2002-08-09, 09:28 PM   #1
One with the Matrix
Thumbs up Dreamwave´s War Within covers 1 & 2!thesite...arWithin.shtml

In #2 we seem to see Megatron, Starscream and... propably Frenzy? At least the size, body structure and shoulder weapons would suggest that. I´m getting really anxious...

Fixed URL... ~Denyer

Edit after edit: They also had pictures of new ReflectorPerceptor poster, Galvatron litho, Arcee litho and Armada #4 cover.

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Old 2002-08-09, 11:45 PM   #2
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Jacksonville, FL. You may now feel sorry for me.

Wow, do both of those War Within covers look NICE. I cannot wait for this mini-series. I just hope I'm not getting my hopes up too high for it. Still, at least it's Furman, so history is on my side, at least. The Dreamwave Preview issue 4-pager looked great, I can't wait to see some of the old arena fights...

I wasn't impressed with Armada #4's cover, though. Kinda blah, with just Optimus. Armada #3 is MUCH nicer.
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Old 2002-08-09, 11:49 PM   #3
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I love Transformers
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Old 2002-08-10, 01:00 AM   #4
Cellar Door
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Originally posted by BigMaki
The Dreamwave Preview issue 4-pager looked great
Would that be online anywhere?
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Old 2002-08-10, 12:51 PM   #5
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Roseville, MN, USA

You really don't get any more than the preview at Comiccon:
There are only four pages of comic. One basically sets the scene (Cybertron: 'Hey Grimlock, it's me, Starscream, what's up?'), two are on the above webpage, and the fourth is sandwiched between the two online pages; it further establishes Grimlock's questionably Decepticon actions in the past (taking part in gladatorial battles?) Anyway, you're not missing much. Looks really good though.
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Old 2002-08-14, 11:38 AM   #6
She's blonde, supports Portsmouth and has a cheese-popstar fetish... but please - don't hold it against her...
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This Galvatron Litho is sooooo good, does anyone know a website you can buy it from?
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