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Old 2002-07-24, 02:05 AM   #1
thinks puppet Angel David Boreanaz is dreamy...
Bombshell's Avatar
...especially when he was kicking Spike's ass. ;)
Unhappy No Unicron statue at Botcon

Quoted from

"Due to production and shipping delays from Hard Hero Enterprises, we regret to announce that the Unicron statues will not be available for pickup at BotCon as we had originally expected. We will continue to accept preorders at the convention, though. At this time we are still waiting for the arrival of the statues at the San Diego warehouse before we can provide more detailed information about shipping costs and dates. We do know, however, that single domestic orders will be US$15 via UPS ground. Other rates will vary depending on quantity, destination, or special services. You will be contacted in early August to verify your shipping address and any shipping options which you may choose. We apologize for the inconvenience of this development, and we are equally disappointed that the statues will not be at BotCon."
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Old 2002-07-24, 03:33 AM   #2
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Are they making you pay for shipping costs??? It seems to be unfair to pre-registrants who pre-ordered the figure believing that they could pick it up at the show. It also sucks that they would announce this at a time so close to the convention. I'm not saying that such things don't happen and I understand that some things are out of a person's control. But I believe that the botcon organizers or whoever should do the decent thing and cover the shipping costs especially for pre-registrants who probably have already invested travel costs, hotel costs, etc. just to attend the show. That's just my humble opinion.
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Old 2002-07-24, 09:06 PM   #3
never again
Default i know this is unrelated but...

bombshell, that tftm2 script in that link in your signiature, what is that? is that for real?!
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Old 2002-07-24, 10:56 PM   #4
Cellar Door
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It's starscreamsghost's fanfic, which is well worth a read, even if the ectoplasmic egotist kills Skids off well early.
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Old 2002-08-22, 12:04 AM   #5
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A pit stop from hell call York, PA

NO! He can't kill Skids. Skids is cool!!!!
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