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Closed Thread
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Old 2002-12-05, 10:09 AM   #61
Registered User
Cybertron ;-)

thank you for proving my point!

and try not to drool to much old man

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Old 2002-12-05, 10:20 AM   #62
Sir Auros
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Virginia, USA

Originally posted by StoneCold_Rodimus
thank you for proving my point!

and try not to drool to much old man
And what point was that? That I won't allow someone to drag my name through the mud with libel? I do hope that you mean it this time and that you're quite done. I don't appreciate having to defend myself from your incredibly offensive lies. At least I'll be able to go to bed knowing that you'll be punished for all of this...
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Old 2002-12-05, 10:24 AM   #63
Ms. Snarkypants
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In a hut by a river on top of a big ol hill.

For hell's sake, drop it already. Action's obviously already been taken... SCR, whoever you are, if you're gonna go, go. You really are beginning to look like a complete ass, you know.
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Old 2002-12-05, 10:52 AM   #64
StoneCold Skywarp
Best Served Chilled

What is it with this place and people with Rodimus in their names.

Appropriate action will be taken when I see fit, and how.

Twitter - @stncldskywarp PS4 - StoneColdSkywarp
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