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Default Lots of TF news

USA Re-issues
The series III figures are as follows:

- Thundercracker (long missiles, orange cockpit, original box art, $34.99)
- Jazz (Dreamwave box art, missiles go all the way out the back of his gun but do not fire, same as G1 missiles however)
- Silverstreak (original box art, does not have black stripe but just a mock up so..., $29.99)

The series IV figures (June 2003) are as follows:

- Skywarp (brand new Dreamwave box art, long missiles, $34.99)
- Prowl (Dreamwave box art, missiles don't fire, $29.99)
- Red Alert (missiles most likely will not fire but not confirmed, missiles kept short to resemble G1, $29.99)

The following figure is for Series V:

- Hoist

Transformers Universe

The packaging looks nice, is mostly orange and red. There is a complete mockup for the upcoming Tigerhawk repaint figure. His name is "Razorclaw", his colors are mostly black and purple, somewhat similar to the BW Fuzor Silverbolt repaint seen yesterday, and will be available August '03 for $19.99

The Optimus Primal figure is an interesting guy. In beast mode he is mostly shades of maroon, and has a silver streak going down his head. In his robot mode, his arms and legs are dark green with yellow highlights, his head is very light maroon, and his eyes are apparently very well painted.

Beast Machines repaint of Snarl is present, the same as we saw from charle5!'s pictures.

The "Reptilian" figure, a Transmetal 2 Iguanus figure, is neon green with a dark red color, has silver highlights, and has a Decepticon symbol on his spark crystal.

The repaint of Fuzor Silverbolt is also in attendance, and is the same as we saw with charle5!'s pictures.

Transformers: Dinobots

- The Dinobot and Terrosaur molds are there packages as seen at ActionFigureXpress earlier last week.

- Triceradon will retail for $3.99 and is a WalMart exclusive (looks to be an error)
- The Beast Wars Neo figure "Bazooka" is now known as "Slapper" and will retail for $3.99 as a WalMart exclusive (looks to be an error)

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Bludgeon and Scourge are present in their packages. The bubble on the card seems to stick out quite a bit. They will be available April/May for $12.99 and are KBToys Exclusives.

Transformers Armada

Two interesting pieces are the Armada Galvatron and Armada Jetfire figures. Attached to the top of their boxes are little bubbles that hold a Mini-Con team. The packaging reads "Bonus Free Mini-Con Team!" Whether or not these bonus Mini-Cons are repaints is not certain. They are Target exclusives.

Galvatron was in attendance with Tidal Wave attached to him. Tidal Wave's final colors appear to be gray and purple legs, green shoulders, gray arms and hands, and a purple face. He's bigger than he appeared to be in pictures we've seen.

There's an Armada board game coming out. It's called "Battle for Cybertron." The front of the box has new artwork of Optimus Prime and Megatron battling it out. A tagline of "Create your own robot battles!" and states that the game comes with 8 fully decorated playing figures (Supercon Optimus Prime, Smokescreen, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Megatron, Starscream, Demolisher, and Cyclonus). These figures are smaller than PVC figures.

From the game were two boards displayed. One looked to be a Cybertron-esque background, the other a jungle background. The boards are split into squares, resembling a tic-tac-to or a checkboard-esque design, with little cards and numbers.

Armada Overload information

Overload will be available August '03 for $19.99. He's smaller than what most thought he would be. His main colors are neon-orange with white highlights, a gray head, and a blue face.

Overload is a Mini-Con that carries a big trailer. Overload the Mini-Con can transform into a gun for Optimus Prime to hold.

The Mini-Con portion of Overload can stay attached when being pulled by the Optimus Prime trailer.

Armada "Final Battle Prime" information
The Final Battle Prime has had a few color changes. His cab now matches his trailer, the colors now mostly a darker red with gray stripes. The trailer now has metallic silver highlights on the legs for Super Pants mode.

Final Battle Prime's Mini-Con is a metallic gold color.

Miscellaneous Armada figure information

In attendence were carded figures of Terrosaur (with Mini-Con Ironhide) and Rhinox (comes with Mini-Con Armorhide). Rhinox's Mini-Con pegs were visible.

Some packaging with the "Unicron Battles!" theme on them were present. Also in attendance were the following figures:

- Hoist with Mini-Con Refute (colors same as seen before)
- Wheeljack with Mini-Con Wind Sheer(Wheeljack is dark gra/green with yellow highlights, available August '03 for $9.99)
- Mini-Con Air Military Team (Gun Barrel, Terradive, Thunderwing)
- The recently released Air Assault Mini-Con Team (Star Saber team repaint)
- Road Assault Mini-Con Team (Sept. '03, a Skyboom team repaint, mostly red, white, and black, the jeep figure now has yellow flames on his hood)
- Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team (Destruction Team repaint, mostly green with blue, yellow, orange, and silverhighlights, painted to look as a team)

Armada "Powerlinx" figures information

The "powerlinx Hot Shot" figure is repainted to look exactly like Generation One "Hot Rod." The colors and flame crest are present.

The "powerlinx Cyclonus" figure is neon green with gray and black highlights with a red rotorblade. He shares a striking resemblence to Generation One "Springer."

NOTE! Trent Troop wanted to remind me that those colors also match "Obsidian" ...

There is a "powerlinx" Jetfire figure that is coming out soon. His colors will remain close to the original but will change a bit as well. They're considering a name change...

All "powerlinx" figures are repaints.

From "Orson" ...

Orson was kind enough to answer a few questions of Tony Bacala and J.E. Alvarez. He cleared up some things like the name of Unicron's Mini-Con, and of course, some Unicron information.

- Unicron's Mini-Con name was changed from "Nebulon" to "Gobotron" because the name "Nebulon" didn't pass through copyrights, but after some second thought on the name "Gobotron", the name of Unicron's Mini-Con was changed again, this time to "Dead End."
- Mock packaging of Unicron's box is present but with the "Gobotron" Mini-Con name on it
- Unicron has slot for Star Saber, any Mini-Con on back can open the front
- Unicron is incredibly bulky, very "thick"

That concludes all the displays and such at the Transformers display room. Chances are more information will trickle in throughout the day from Tony Bacala and J.E. Alvarez, and we'll keep you up to date.

Pictures will be available later on, an ETA was not given.

Transformers Armada
The Tidal Wave on display is just a prototype. His colors may change a bit before the final version is out.

Transformers Universe Figure Information
- The entire "Transformers Universe" figure line is related to the ongoing Botcon story.
- All the figures, regardless if they were Maximal/Predacon/Vehicon, will be Autobot or Decepticon.
- The second wave of the TFU figures will be more vehicle based, with a good chance of those vehicles coming from the Generation Two figure line
- Beast Wars figures who have the Maximal or Predacon symbol molded in will have an explanation as to why that is there along with their faction symbol. An example is the Tigerhawk repaint known as "Razorclaw" who has a Maximal symbol but is a Decepticon
- The Beast Wars Fuzor Silverbolt figure shown yesterday by charle5! may have a color change to include more green and less purple, with more yellow details
- All the "Spark Crystals" will be painted over with an Autobot or Decepticon symbol

Unicron information
- Unicron's horns in both robot and planet mode can grab a poor, helpless Mini-Con.

Credit :
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Sir Auros
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Virginia, USA

Word. I'm very glad to hear that Prowl's coming to TRU...and Skywarp...damn, might have to get him since his color scheme was my fav outta the seekers. I still want a G1 Prime though...
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Old 2003-03-15, 02:56 AM   #3
RID Scourge
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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

Well, looks like I'm saving about $30 on a silverstreak if it doesn't have the anime scheme (I've all ready got the original colors).

I may have to get Powerlinx Hotshot, the seekers, G1 Red Alert, and the TFU characters. I actually like the Overload concept, even if the color sceme doesn't sound right. Maybe they'll repaint him with an ultra Magnus color scheme.
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