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Old 2002-08-21, 08:44 AM   #41
Registered User
Haaksbergen, Netherlands

Profiles on the constructicons or the stunticons would be very nice. Then again: profiles on all TF woould be nice. But it'll tak eu a while to get all that work done eh? U planning to get everyy TF profile online one day? .....
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Old 2003-03-23, 05:25 PM   #42
Wheeljack Prime
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id like to see one of Wheeljack

We salute you Wheeljack Rest In Peace

The truthful heart is the heart of a true warrior for all those who do not believe his strength you will all see his true form and his true might and power when his test begins you will still be at the begining when he is at the end for the truthful heart is a heart of a true warrior
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