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Default OFTCC News & Info

Lots of news.

Energon is taking place 10 years after Armada. The kids will be gone, but we may see another older kid who we are 'sure to like'.

Confirmation on some of the line features:

Autobots are few in numbers and must pool their power by combining. They combine into various combinations into a near limitless list, restricted only by your imagination.

The Decepticons are using their new "Hyper Power" to thwart the Autobots.

There is also a new faction called Omnicons -- These are allied with Autobots who provide the capibility to handle high loads of Energon and create weapons.

The series is set to take place in a variety of locations, including Earth, Cybertron and new locations we've never seen.

Minicons are going to be in the series and although they will not unlock any special features on the new toys, they will still be able to connect to 'Dead' minicon ports.

The cartoon is going to be cell shaded 3D and there will be 52 episodes. The series is due to start in Feb 2004 on Cartoon Network.

Character names as follows:

Yellow Sports car: Hot Shot
Red Fire Truck: Inferno
Yellow Jeep: Name not revealed

Optimus Prime appears to be an old time Combiner with a bit of a change. He has a main body in which he becomes a robot, and then he has 4 additional components (which do not appear to be robots) ranging from a drill to a helicopter and form the limbs for a super power up. These components are labled Op-1 through Op-4 and combine with the main body.

Skyblast: A jetfire themed fighter jet. They wanted to use the name Skyfire but it did not pass legal.

A few other names that popped up, Strongarm, Battle Ravage.. and... Starscream. Who is said to be an "Energon Ghost". This design has borrowed from elements of Don's popular War Within design.

And finally. Yes, there will be a female in this line, and yes her name is Arcee. Her alt mode is a motorcycle and she is white with pink highlights.

We will see Megatron and Scorponok later in Magazine articles.

The colors for the various Energon "allegiance" will be as follows: Red=Autobot, Green=Decepticon, and Yellow as its pure form.

One of the first minicon teams appears to be a Starsaber repaint: Yellow in color and called an Energon Saber.

Basics return in Energon!

First Wave Figures are:
Battle Ravage
Energon Sabre = a heavily retooled Star Sabre redeco

Deluxes so far are Inferno and Hot Shot, which combine

Ironhide returns in the form of an offroad vehicle similar to Red Alert

Suspected release date is Late January 2004 for Energon figures.

In other news:

20th Anniversary Prime!

Here's the skinny; Die cast parts, rubber tires, light up matrix, and also includes the Energon Axe, Megatron pistol, his blaster and a removable Matrix. The panel on his arm is indeed a wrist communicator with viewscreen that seems to have multiple pictures.

Retail is going to be a Toys R Us exclusive at first, then later to all stores. Price is $75.00 but this is not set in stone with Toys R Us. Release date is due late Jan or early Feb 2004.

And as to whether or not he will have a trailer, Aaron Archer says "This toy is so cool, you will not need a trailer". So no trailer is now confirmed.

These will highly detailed 1/24 scale models with fully transformable and articluate robot modes high in detail and all will be based on a variety of licensed vehciles.

A red Dodge Viper named Sideswipe is confirmed and they did display pictures. The line will be G1 themed, however there is no story in the works. These are simply high end toys. Retail in the US will be $20.00 for Smokescreen, available at all stores (Dec 2003). This is not a limited line and will produced as long as there is demand.

There will be some Armada videos released on minidiscs called "Video Now". These are targeted towards kids and will contain 2 episodes each.

The PS2 G1 game will not be released in the US.

There are no plans for any RPG or CCG from Wizards of the Coast.

The movie is confirmed but do not expect to see it before 2005.

There will be no War Within toys, however, as Energon Starscream illustrates, some elements will be brought into existing lines.

There will be a repainted Jetstorm which appears in Skywarp colors. There's a repainted Machine Wars Starscream (red, white and blue) named King Atlas. Depth Charge is something they really enjoy and it is sure to have a very detailed look.

Dreamwave will continue to publish new comics throughout next year.


Armada : new powerlinx figures

Powerlinx Scavenger = Treadbolt
Powerlinx Sideways = Rapid Run
Powerlinx Overload = Ultra Magnus

Dreamwave : Apparently there will be Profile books for RID, BW era, Armada

Pictures at , , , ,
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Suffragette City, Oooh Wham! Bam! Thank You Maam!

-Sunstreaker (RiD Prowl repaint) = hotel excl
-Sideswipe (RiD Prowl repaint) =small con excl = $30
-Roulette/Shadowstriker (female Sideburn repaints) = large con excl = $60
-Sunstorm (HoC PVC repaint) = OTFCC 2004 pre-reg excl
-Genesis art book prints = dinner excl
-War Within plates by Don Allen Figeroa = dinner excl - Not Available But Will Be
-Mega SFC repaints = collectors' club excl (first is Skywarp)

Other TFU news:

Universe Inferno (redeco of X-Brawn, this repaint has been rumored to be changed to Ratchet upon release, while Ironhide shall be used in TF: Energon.)
Universe Red Alert (redeco of RID Prowl)
Universe Jhiaxus (redeco of Jetstorm/Stormjet)
Universe Emissary Megabolt (redeco of Megatron Megabolt, named Emissary Megabolt on the package, however the card lists him as simply Megabolt Megatron still.)

And "Nemesis Prime" is indeed a repainted Supercon Prime in Scourge colours.

All Spark has some nice galleries up at the moment:

As does Ben Yee:


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The dinner exclusive is a poster based on the wrap-around cover for the 88mph Genesis book.

The dinner exclusive plates are not going to be available at this time, but we will have images of them up soon. They are TWW based with Autobot and Decepticon themes.

There will be a PVC 6-pack featuring 3 seekers and 3 drones. No pictures are available of that at this time, but they are all based on the same molds.

OTFCC comic book will not be ready for release at the convention due to coloring issues. Potentially it will be available at Wizard World Con in Chicago.

Fan Club will have one Mega SCF figure with a $35 price tag. It will be a Mega SCF Starscream repainted as Skywarp.

Also, the convention exclusives were released. They are Sideswipe(RiD Prowl repainted red), and a 2-pack of RiD Sideburn repainted as Roulette and Shadow Striker (with remolded female heads). The two pack is the $60 toy and the sideswipe is the $30 toy.


Hasbro Presentation

Started out with an introduction of Michelle Field, Aaron Archer, Jerry and Eric (Hasbro design crew).

First frames of powerpoint presentation were of Armada Unicron Battles. The subtitle of Unicron Battles is being applied to the last 13 episodes of the series, to epmhasize the focus of those last few eps. Next Aaron Archer commented on the Armada Beasts. They exist (as was said before) to fill out the line. Fans and kids were just buying the toys too fast. As for story on them, nothing was ever fleshed out by Hasbro, but Mr. Archer did like the comment made online about the four beasts being the four Horsemen of Unicron.


Unicron will be mass released at all retailers (again has been seen). Plenty will be made, Hasbro realizes that Unicron is a big item, and is treating it as such. He holds 27 minicons, is highly articulated, with many additional gimmicks.

Transformers: Universe

Backstory is going to be Unicron with the last of his power reaches back through time to grab Transformers to make them do battle as to generate Energon for himself. Packaging is going to include CD minicomics that are going to be animated. Some new items shown included a RiD Prowl repainted as Autobot Ratchet, RiD X-Brawn as Inferno, BM Jetstorm repainted as Skywarp, and a HUGE surprise with Machine Wars Starscream repainted as "King Atlus". King Atlas was a White, Yellow and Blue Autobot.

Commerative Series

Released in October/November will be Smokescreen and Grapple. As far as the future goes, Hasbro and Takara are looking into reissuing the various -masters, but still would prefer to do the older guys first. Hasbro is also looking into getting some molds before Takara in the future, but no plans definatively made. Again the issue of Megatron in the US was asked, and again it was confirmed. No way no how. 1984 had different toy laws than 2003. And Aaron Archer commented that right now Soundwave is not in the works, but with Takara doing the reissue, it is now "available".

Transformers Energon

Energon's storyline is going to pick up 10 years after Armada's left off. As thus, the kids will most likely be gone. The various gimmicks mentioned were this.

Autobots- Combine to enhance power. Each bot of one price point is going to be able to combine with any bot of the same powerpoint. Leading to "virtually limitless" combinations.

Decepticons- Hyper Power. Not much was really mentioned on this gimmick.

Omnicons- Autobots that are able to handle raw Energon and form it into weapons for the Autobots.

Minicons- Are going to be in the line, not much seen at first.

Some bots in Energon are going to be as follows.

Hot-Shot and Inferno as seen in the pics before.

Sky-Blast- As close to Skyfire in G1 as possible. Unfortunately Skyfire didn't pass legal.

Starscream- As quoted from Aaron Archer "An Energon Ghost, and I'll leave it at that." The look was VERY close to Don's War Within Starscream.

Battle Ravage- Black Panther, loaded to the teeth with weaponry.

Arcee- Just confirmed, a pink and white motorcycle. Confirming that fem-bots were going to be in Energon.

Finally Optimus Prime. The same Prime seen in the pics already taken, but something new. 4 new vehicles that combine with Prime in a Voltron-esque style. A drill, helicopter, boat, and a truck. Each attached to a limb, and afterwards a new helmet comes up of the back of Prime to form a VERY G1 Prime head.

Neither Megatron or Scorpinok were seen as they were agreed to be highlighted by toy magazines.

Finally a bit thrown in at the end. Energon and the weapons based upon it have different colors for each faction. Red for Autobots, Green for Decepticons, and raw Energon is yellow.

The 52 Episode Series will start airing in early 2004.

20th Anniversary Prime

Die Cast construction, rubber tires, light up matrix, excellent articulation, Energy Axe, Megatron Gun, Blaster, Pop up Communicator. Packaged in Robot Mode, without any trailer. TRU exclusive, going for a $75 dollar selling point.

Transformers Alternators

Licenced 24/th scale G1 inspired models. All will be available in the United States, at all retailers. Includes opening doors, trunks, hood, and interior details.

Seen was Smokescreen. Aaron Archer handled it and showed the opening items. In the Powerpoint presentation they showed a Dodge Viper convertable to be SideSwipe. Other licencings are in the works, but not able to make mention of now.

*American releases will use plastic instead of die cast which justifies the difference in price from the Japanese version (20$ for US, 40$ for Japanese)*

To be available in January or Feburary of 2004.

Other Products

Dreamwave is going to continue to have the comics licence.

The Armada game is going to be a bridge between Armada and Energon.

The G1 game is not currently coming to the United States because Sony doesn't want to import it.

Finally as a treat, we got to see a picture of the figure that was meant to go into the seats in TM2 Megatron and Tigerhawk. It has a Beast Wars Maximal symbol on the chest, but not much more.

Q and A

How much co-operation with car companies will there be with Alternators?

With Subaru and Dodge licences they have a wide stable, and are trying to get more licences signed. There additionally won't be any Japan only Alternators, everything is going to go everywhere, and the line will continue for quite a while.

Will the Japanese series ever be seen on videotape in the US?

The current focus is on the current lines, and Hasbro isn't looking back any.

With Hasbro's recent acquisition of Wizards of the Coast, what are the odds of seeing a Transformers themed Role Playing Game, or Customizable Card Game?

Slim to none. Fleer just got the trading card licence, and they don't want to infringe on that.

Who is responsible for determining what toys get shipped overseas.

Hasbro regional offices. They look at the American line as a "catalogue" for them to consider. They decide what is best for their area, and release that.

Are there any considerations that make tooling difficult.

We have to look at "flying" toys more carefully as they are more likely to be thrown or dropped, but other than that, everything has it's own challenge.

Is Hasbro pleased with the performance of Armada?

A resounding yes. Best sales in a line for quite a while.

Does Hasbro have a meter on the breakdown between Adult and Youth fans?

Not really. They haven't studied that.

Story wise, are you going to try and compete with the level acheived in Beast Wars and Beast Machines?

No real idea as that's not their realm, but Hasbro is going to make extra sure that translation errors don't occur any more. They hope to raise the bar with Energon in both animation and quality of story, but at this point they are still in test animations.

What information can you give us on the Transformers Movie?

Not much, just that the licence has been signed. As far as the schedueling goes, the earliest that a movie could be completed would be mid 2005, but most likely later than that.

Why are there no "chase" figures, such as in He-Man.

Store and convention exclusives are the chases. That way anyone that wants it can get it without much of a hunt, or an easy trip to eBay.

Who is responsible for Paradon Medic?

Andrew Frankel, and he's not around anymore.

What were some other names considered for the Transformers line back in the 80's?

That's lost to antiquity. Aaron Archer, the oldest member on the panel was 11 when he got his first Transformer.

Are you looking into making War Within or GI Joe crossover toys?

Not specifically but details from them are being incorporated into the current lines. See Energon Starscream (pics coming soon)

Any idea on a storyline for Transformers Alternators?

Not really, but if anything, G1 Characters evolved to today's forms.

Credit : news staff
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Sweet, thanks.
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Zath - ever considered offering your services as a tf-news reporter here? It's obvious that you do your research and I think the site could use someone as dedicated as you are to scrouge up the dilly...yo.

It's not really my place to offer you anything, but it's an idea...
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