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Old 2004-01-29, 03:11 AM   #1
Ultimate Weapon
Ultimate Weapon's Avatar
The End of Time
Angry $200 for a speeding ticket!

I ****ing hate cops! It's not like I had a plot to blow up the highway I was merely traveling 85mph in a 70mph zone. Yeah I know I'm guilty but it still stings. On top of that traffic school is another $39. So what is the most you have paid for tickets?
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Old 2004-01-29, 03:44 AM   #2
Blues Clues
Registered User
Blues Clues's Avatar
Brisbane, Australia

Err, I think it was around $250 ish (AUD). I've gotten done for doing 100 in an 80kph zone, 80 in a 60 zone and a 70 in a 60.

18 days till I finish my probation and get my full 12 points. Woot!

Edit: This reminds me of a cop joke:

Ok, so I was speeding this morning on my way to work and after passing
under a bridge, I saw those blue, flashing lights behind me and knew it
was a state trooper (the guys who usually pull you over for speeding in
the US), so I pulled over.

"Where's the fire buddy?" he asked.

"I'm on my way to work, and I really can't be late today because I have
a very important customer," I replied.

"What kind of work do you do boy?"

"I'm a rectum-stretcher"

"What's a rectum stretcher do?" asked the baffled officer.

"Well, first I lube up the outside really well, then I insert a finger, then
I insert another, and another until I can fit my hole hand in there. Then,
I get my whole arm in there. Then I do the same thing with the other arm, and
I work the rectum until it's stretched out to about six feet."

"Why!? What do you do with a six foot asshole?" replied the now bewildered and
annoyed trooper.

"Give him a radar gun and put him under a bridge."

Welcome to the TFArchive!
Here you'll be treated with dignity and respect ...
Now strip naked and get on the probulator!

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Old 2004-01-29, 04:16 AM   #3
Hardcore Movie Lover
Jim's Avatar
Philadelphia, Pa

$13.33 / MPH

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Old 2004-01-29, 04:17 AM   #4
Cyberstrike nTo
Cyberstrike nTo's Avatar
In the Dead Universe known as Indianapolis

Do you want a rough estimate?

Please visit Outlaw Colony my new message board it's a fun site for fun people.
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Old 2004-01-29, 04:52 AM   #5
Claypool's Avatar

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Old 2004-01-29, 05:07 AM   #6

Nothin, I don't speed. What's the point?
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Old 2004-01-29, 05:11 AM   #7
Sir Auros
Hardcore Gamer
Sir Auros's Avatar
Virginia, USA

In VA, a speeding ticket won't stick unless you're going 10 or more over the limit so I always go at least 5 over, but I've never been pulled for speeding.
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Old 2004-01-29, 09:45 AM   #8
Magical Truthsaying Turtle
Halfshell's Avatar
Don't complain to me. I don't care.

So, this guy's doing about 65 in a built-up area and a cop spots him and pulls him over.

The guy sits in his car by the side of the road and winds down the window. The policeman steps up to him and asks politely to see his driving license.

"No problem, officer. Give me a moment, it's in the glove compartment with the gun."

The policeman hesitates and asks "What gun?"

"Why, the gun I used to kill my wife."

"The gun you used to kill your wife?"

"Yeah - she's in the boot. That's why I was in such a hurry, had to dump the body and get back in time for the big game."

The policeman slowly backs off and tells the driver to stay where he is for a moment, please.

A quick call to the station, and fifteen minutes later, an armed unit arrives. Another policeman gets out of the van, fully armed up in a bullet-proof vest and helmet.

The second policeman consults with the first for a few moments before approaching the car.

"Okay, sir. Please slowly reach into the glove compartment and hand me the gun."

The driver looks confused. "What gun, officer?"

"The gun you used to kill your wife, sir."

"The gun I used to kill my wife? What makes you think that?"

"The body's in the trunk."

"My wife's body is in the trunk? And I shot her using the gun in the glove compartment? Who on Earth ever told you that?"

The policeman points back at the first officer. "My colleage informed me of the situation."

"The lying bastard! I bet he told you I was speeding as well."
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Old 2004-01-31, 04:52 AM   #9
Registered User
Gesani's Avatar
Practice Safe Lunch..... Use A Condiment

hmm i have heard a different version of that joke....

I have never had to pay for and speeding tickets...but around here its 10 fine (for 9 over) $90 court cost.. thats it... you dont need traffic school unless you pack up like 5 tickets in a year or your cought doing 20+ over the speed limit.. of course the 20+ you get you License pulled on the spot...

ya just gotta get you a Fuzz Buster now... drop a hundred or so and it will pay off in a few months... deending on teh police population in your area...
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