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Old 2001-12-10, 02:04 AM   #21
StoneCold Skywarp
Best Served Chilled

Originally posted by Strafe:
If you haven't already Skywarp, why don't you temporarily ban or remove the hijacked account(s) mod powers until things can be changed(Passwords and such)?

done, done and done.

I don't mess around with these things.

------------------ beer we trust...
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Old 2001-12-10, 04:51 AM   #22
Redstreak's Avatar

The troll apparently killed all the popular topics; note that the this or that thread that was up to 220 some-odd replies is also gone. I hope that, being how the problem is solved, all mods/admins will be more careful and not let it happen again.
Of course it might be fun to find this guy and bring him down to the basement, I'm sure RCOSD and I could find something to do with him. :evilgrin:

[edit: Brend's goodbye post is also gone, with its 70+ replies]



Thanks to Skycat for the new sig pic!
Pain heals, chicks dig scars, but glory is forever.

Transformers TNG--The ultimate in TF gaming.

Do not talk smack to the dragon.--Ancient Gibsonian proverb
Be sure to stop by the basement run by torture and pain experts RCOSD and Redstreak, the winners of the 2001 Archiver Alliance of the year!

[This message has been edited by Redstreak (edited 12-09-2001).]
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Old 2001-12-10, 05:10 AM   #23
Hound's Personal Underling
RCOSD's Avatar
In Rufus T Firefly's, having a pint

I'm mightly p***ed now,i was enjoying that interesting topic,


We are the Youth,
and we are knocking on death's door
Sometimes i can not take this pace,
Sometimes it's my life i can taste,
Sometimes i can not feel my face,
You never see me fall from grace
So back off your rules
Back off your jive
Cause I'm sick of not living
To stay alive
Come down to RCOSD and Redstreak's basement,were touture and pain are our game
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Old 2001-12-10, 05:57 AM   #24
Ms. Snarkypants
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In a hut by a river on top of a big ol hill.




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Go visit them or I'll... um, make empty threats...
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