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Old 2005-01-28, 08:32 PM   #21
Alpha Trion
One with the Matrix
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Cleveland, OH

TV-Nihon and WPP-Fansubs, the two groups who've been working together on Transformers fansubs, have parted ways. Starting with Galaxy Force episode 3, all future TF fansubs will be handled by TVN only. You can read the news here:

TVN's torrent tracker is located here, so go there if you're looking for GF 3 and Masterforce 27. All future fansubs will be on that page as well.
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Old 2005-01-29, 10:46 AM   #22
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Brisbane, Australia

thanks for the link.. was looking for it without too much luck (aka wasn't looking very hard :P ).. wonder what bought around the split? ahh well, no matter - as long as someone's fansubbing the Galaxy Force & Masterforce eps, I'm not stressing
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