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Default New magazine scans from Fan to Fan

As usually, mirrored here to help save their bandwidth.

TV Magazine:

Comparison between the three Convoys so far (Flame Convoy, Nitro Convoy, Galaxy Convoy), possible battle scene from an opcoming episode
Confirmation for Liger Jack being an upgraded Jackshot
Animation design for Noise Maze, animation design for Demolishor

A new ad for Liger Jack

TV Boy:

Battle on the ancient spaceship Atlantis

Hyper Hobby:
Spotlight on Liger Jack
More info on why Jackshot became Liger Jack (he was reformatted after a battle with Flame Convoy and got changed by Planet Force)
GC-15 Saidos and GD-10 Terra Shaver, also due out in April
Remember the Windcharger campaign? This time, it's the "Platinum Micron Campaign". Three Microns will be given out as giveaways for purchase of certain items. The first one of them, "Platinum Factor", is a repaint of Hop (upcoming Cybertron Jolt) and will be given out for purchase of GC-16 Liger Jack.
Reissue #19 Perceptor
Beast Wars Returns Wave 3 (Megahead Megatron, Vehicon Obsidian, Noble Savage, Vehicon Strika)
Superlink DVD vol. 12
Kabaya Micron Galaxy version 1 (Hop, Bumper, Blit & Roots)
Also depicted in Hyper Hobby but not scanned are HBS-01 Galaxy Convoy, BT-13 Laserwave, Superlink Ariel repaint Paradron Medic and more.
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