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Old 2005-05-28, 07:29 AM   #1
Keiner versteht mich.
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Default Binaltech Wheeljack translation

In the past, Fan to Fan and LagunaL8 both did their own Binaltech translations. From now on, they're gonna do it together, with Laguna's friend KillerMel and me proofreading the translations.

Here's Wheeljack:

System description
Binaltech story chapter 11

Some notes:

1. Wheeljack's rank, "Tactical Diversion" (which is basically the same as Smokescreen's "Diversionary Tactician"), is taken from... Action Master Wheeljack. That's right. Ichikawa did the same before with Grimlock, whose rank is "Lieutenant Commander", like Pretender Grimlock.
2. Likewise, the "Laser-Strafer Rifle" is the weapon of Action Master Wheeljack's vehicle.
3. The "Cryo-Sword" could be a nod to a real-life tuned up 2005 Ford Mustang model, the Xtreme Mustang Performance... which is equipped with a "Tremec T-56 six speed cryo-treated transmission". And we all know what Wheeljack's sword serves as in vehicle mode.
4. The "Immobilizer" is referring to Wheeljack's invention from the G1 episode of the same name.
5. The name "Body Shop" is taken from Marvel UK issue 281, where Wheeljack has set up a "Body Shop" and is using it to repair previously destroyed Autobots. However, someone is sabotaging the repairs on Tracks - and that someone turnsout to be Grimlock, who hates Tracks.
6. Oh, and: Brawn died in the movie.
7. Wheeljack... maybe it was just a GT doppelgänger who died?

Hey, if any of the IDW reps are reading this: Hire Hirofumi Ichikawa, the original authour of the Binaltech story. Also, check out his awesome Linkage comic.
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Old 2005-05-29, 09:14 PM   #2
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Default Re: Binaltech Wheeljack translation

Quoth Nevermore:
7. Wheeljack... maybe it was just a GT doppelgänger who died?
I figured that as soon as I read of Smokescreen's multiple Binaltech bodies. The GT process would have explained how Wheeljack managed to get scrapped in the Movie and still be alive in the 2020s for Victory. Perhaps the operation on God Ginrai is partially based upon the GT process.

Hey, if any of the IDW reps are reading this: Hire Hirofumi Ichikawa, the original authour of the Binaltech story.
An excellent idea, if extremely unlikely.
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Old 2005-05-30, 10:02 AM   #3

Originally posted by Roadstripe
An excellent idea, if extremely unlikely.
Agree ...

Wheeljack .... the Phoenix in the form of a robot - he want be able to resurrect himself -

his multiple body GT system: a good idea, because this could mean three different mold for Wheeljack (like Smokescreen), or else something interesting for the story ... what is the omega unit? time will tell ....
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