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Old 2006-02-24, 01:33 AM   #1
Default Looking for name of Transformer

Hi guys,

I looked through all the toys on this site and couldn't find the one that is standing right in front of me. I don't know when I bought it or which series it is from. It just messes me up that I don't know its name.

I'm going to try to describe the Transformer as good as possible.

1. The alternate form is a cobra with feet, hands and a tail. The hands have each two claws.

2. The robot form has a SPD / STR / INT indicator which displays bars when the head is on.

3. The head is a little robot by itself.

4. The transformation process is as follows:
- Turn upper body 180 degrees.
- Remove the head.
- Remove the weapon from one hand.
- Remove the weapon that looks like a tail from the other hand.
- Fold robot hands inward.
- Fold arms so they are placed in front of the robot chest.
- Turn Transformer around so that the legs point up.

At this point the legs of the robot become the arms of the
cobra-like creature. The alternate form also has legs which
were just sticking out of the back of the robot form.

- Open belly compartment of creature to put in head robot.
- Place the weapon that looks like a tail into the slot where the head normally goes.
- Fold down the arms (the legs in robot form)
- Put claws together (the claws where the toes in robot form)
- Fold down the head of the cobra (which looked like a tail in robot form)
- The first weapon (the one that actually looks like one) is unused at this stage

5. I'm color-blind but as far as I can tell it's either blue and grey, turqoise and grey or
something else that might look like that to a color-blind person.

6. It's a Decepticon, as there's the logo on the tail.

7. In alternate form if you look near the right shoulder it says:

Copyright 1987 Hasbro, Inc.
Copyright 1987 Takara

Thanks in advance

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Old 2006-02-24, 01:38 AM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar

One of these?

Although it might be quicker to have a look on these catalogue scans and point us to a rough location...
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Old 2006-02-24, 02:12 AM   #3

Squeezeplay it is. The head is called Lokos.

This is another great method to identify a transformer:
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