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Old 2006-07-22, 12:52 AM   #61
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I think I'd start off with Legacy, split across three issues... It basically follows on from TF:TM, is of exceptionally high quality (aside from Dan Reed, sadly) and probably still isn't owned by a huge number of fans outside the UK (I'd wager the UK TPBs have sold less than any of the US volumes for a variety of reasons - a number of US fans still seem to "distrust" the UK material, and the format and ordering isn't ideal, and this coupled with a ~$18 outlay isn't hugely tempting to the cagey)... I'd probably do something sneaky like serialise State Games (one of the absolute must-read pieces of TF fiction) across a few issues, so customers weren't put off too much by the large amount of text.

I'm pretty stunned that Generations have sold so well... its just a little frustrating because the nostalgia and fan markets could both be pleased simultanously...
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