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Old 2006-08-15, 06:10 PM   #1
King Lurker
Ottawa, Ontario
Default Second Cover Art for TF:TM 20th Anniversary Edition DVD


Second Image Of “Transforming” Cover By Legendary Artist Don Figueroa Revealed For The First Time

New York, New York, August 15, 2006 — Since SONY BMG Music Entertainment announced the November 7th release of TRANSFORMERS: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD¸ fans have been buzzing with anticipation about the details of the two-disc set.

At Comic-Con 2006, fans were told that the DVD’s collectibility would extend to the packaging itself with a “transforming” image. SONY BMG commissioned fan-favorite TRANSFORMERS artist Don Figueroa to create the imagery for the special cover, and displayed for the first time the art featuring Optimus Prime appropriately situated in a position of prominence. Joining the Autobot leader are Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Blaster and more of the most popular TRANSFORMERS characters.

Today, SONY BMG is revealing the second Don Figueroa image that will comprise the “transforming” artwork. In this image, Hot Rod – as he transforms into Rodimus Prime – is grasping the Matrix of Leadership as it lights the Autobots’ darkest hour. Above, Unicron begins to destruct, while Galvatron, Arcee and Springer look on.

For the 20th anniversary edition DVD, Sony BMG Home Entertainment completely re-mastered and color-corrected the film and will present Optimus Prime, Megatron and the rest of the star-studded Autobots and Decepticons in true splendor through three distinct versions: 16x9 Widescreen presentation, the Autobot Matrix of Knowledge presentation featuring trivia and fun facts about the movie itself; and a full-screen edition.

To further commemorate the 20th anniversary of the film, SONY BMG is providing fans with some extra-celebratory content that lets them track back to the true origins of the TRANSFORMERS. After careful consideration and preparation, Sony BMG has scoured the archives for the best TRANSFORMERS-related footage available, and the DVD will include the original commercials for the toy line and movie -- allowing viewers to see how and where the phenomenon began.

TRANSFORMERS: The Movie features the voice of Orson Welles in his final role, as well as stars Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Casey Kasem, Robert Stack, John Moschitta, Peter Cullen, and Frank Welker. The DVD also features a winning soundtrack featuring the iconic theme "The TRANSFORMERS" performed by Lion, and the popular "The Touch," performed by Stan Bush. The movie, set in 2005, chronicles the efforts of the heroic Autobots to defend their home of Cybertron from the evil Decepticons and Unicron, a huge robotic creature that devours planets.

For more information and regular updates on TRANSFORMERS: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD log onto New information will be posted each Tuesday leading up to the November 7th release as part of SONY BMG’s “Transformers Tuesday” campaign.

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Old 2006-08-15, 06:25 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
Denyer's Avatar
Thumbs up (shrunk + fixed)

That's pretty nice up close. Looks like Josh's colouring, would be my guess.

fans have been buzzing with anticipation
Well, yes and no. This is a PR blitz rather than widespead excitement at another release that brings us closer to there being a double-digit number of them being out there on DVD. We may be there already, I've lost track.

Sticking the original aspect ratio on as well as the chopped widescreen is certainly a good idea, and it seems to be a nice package provided the audio doesn't turn out to be the Rhino version or something similar. Whether it's worth people rebuying is a whole other matter, but I think there'll be a good takeup amongst the casual fans who've started to notice things about there being a new film about something from their youth, etc.
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Old 2006-08-15, 07:45 PM   #3
Shooty Dog Thing
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Big filesize animated GIF version:
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Old 2006-08-15, 11:59 PM   #4
another tf fan
I'm your freak-a-zoid
another tf fan's Avatar

I have always thought the movie poster was beautiful. (hell I own one, I outghta like it) And truthfully I like the 1986 poster art a little better than this art.

The Transfoming image is the coolest thing about it.

I'm still gonna buy this dvd to replace the rhino one.

Maybe I'll give the Rhino dvd to my nephew... and keep the box.

Any word on if sony will re-release the cartoon dvd's? I always wanted more and better extras on them.
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Old 2006-08-16, 12:35 PM   #5
has retired, boo-yah!
Clogs's Avatar
Leicester, in the Heart of England

Very nice. I rather like both styles of cover, echoing the original, but I'll take Roddy over OP any day. Be nice if either/or was released as a suitable poster.
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Old 2006-08-16, 08:35 PM   #6
Registered User
starscreamjericho's Avatar

I always wanted more extras on the dvd sets. I don't really want two sets, except for maybe season three thats one I really enjoy watching. I do plan on getting the movie on its release.
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