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Old 2007-03-30, 09:57 AM   #101
Cellar Door
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Quick question about the Ginrais - how many are selling? I mean, I've got a one-armed Roadhugger sitting around. I could list the thing for 50, it wouldn't be worth 50 unless someone coughed up, though... Lots of people probably have a stockpile of MISB Ginrai figures after HLJ started offering them for a button and a smile after it turned out no-one really wanted PM Op with a suit that made him even blockier, a bit of pointless diecast and some wipe-clean packaging...
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Old 2007-03-30, 10:09 AM   #102
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Originally posted by Denyer
Depending on what was in Civ's post before he edited, I think he might gratefully take you up on it though..., that was me posting while in need of sleep. It said something along the lines of, "do you mean from Kentucky to UK?" Then, I realized that it's the only thing your post could have meant, smacked myself in the head for being an idiot, and editted my post.

Clay can vouch for it since I was chatting with him on AIM at the time.
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Old 2007-04-15, 04:44 PM   #103
"I've done better and got over it."
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Murray, KY

Funny and informative - Penn & Teller Bull****!
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Old 2007-04-15, 08:49 PM   #104
One with the Matrix
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Suomi Finland Perkele

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Quick question about the Ginrais - how many are selling?
Searching for closed listings worldwide...cheapest sold for 66 bucks, plus shipping. There were two others as well, for about 90 and 100 dollars.
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