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Default Flights of Frenzy

A new work of fanfic,following the movie Frenzy from his P.O.V.

Flights of Frenzy

He’d came to this ugly little planet on a mission.Find the Allspark.Find it and do it in secret.No disruptions,don’t make the fleshlings aware.He needed to know where he was, and where he would need to go.He observed,adgitated.Where was he?What was this insects city?Hiding in a dank alley,beneath the insects refuse,he searched.He needed information.He stood up on his fingers,and his optics sprung out.Looking nothing short of a hermit crab inhabitating a radio,he scuttled off towards the street.He settled down again, waiting for a passerbye.One came,carrying one of the insects common technology.He stuck out a leg,and tripped him up,spearing the phone from him and going back to normal and hiding it within him.

“What the hell?”The insect man said,looking around him.He gave Frenzy an odd look,and then shrugged,picking him up. “Free radio,sweet.”And he walked off with him. Frenzy wanted to scream.An insect was touching him!He wanted to transform and strike him down,but the city streets were full,and he could not risk it.However,he went through the phone,tapping and down loading information.The city he was in,Washington DeeCee.He needed to get onto a place that had more information.Information to the Allspark.Thier government seemed to have information.With that,he threw the insects phone away,near another alley.The insect didn’t even notice.

A few minutes later,the insect stopped off at thier refueling centers.As he was slipped under a table,he again became the hermit crab like radio,and scuttled off.He went around the back,going through the kitchen,and whisper transforming to get out of the door. Once out,he scanned his surroundings,bringing up several maps he had downloaded. Quickly climbing up the side of building,using all four arms and legs as if he were an insect, he scaled it easily.He had to find a way to the information mecca.Getting down on all six limbs,he took off,quickly running and jumping and climbing,and occasionally hiding.These insects,they had such short memories.They were never quite sure if they had seen him or not.It was better they had not.Night fell as he worked ever closer to the capitol buildings.

He landed in another back alley,in the depths of more insect squallor.Dank and dampness.It’d make him rust it would.To make it worse,he had landed rather loudly in a puddle of water,mixed with oil,from what his sensors told himThree insects turned around, and upon seeing him,gave a mixed reaction.One gasped,one swore and one gave a shriek.All three were of the male species,and all had seen him.They also had,from what he had gleaned from the World Wide Web,weapons.Guns.One rifle,two sub-machine guns, and several pistols.

“What in the world is that?”The biggest of the three asked.

“No idea man.Looks like General Grievious or som’at.”Frenzy put that away in his files.A General Grievious sounded important.And if it looked like him,that meant more of the Decepticons were coming.He also noted he had never heard of a General Grievious,and reaserched his files quickly.He’d take note of it anyway.He also took note that he had to kill them.They’d seen him.And they held up thier guns.

“Can we shoot it?”

“Why not?”The first round sent Frenzy spinning.He had to kill them now.Had to kill them.He leapt backward,landing on his hands,and from his other pair,shot off his shruiken. Two of the men dropped,and lunging foward,he jumped on top of the man,snapping his neck quickly.They would not tell of him now.He quickly dissapeared from the scene of the crime.Again he began his trek,moving ever foward to his destination.To the capitol,or what these fleshling counted as one.Nothing moved,it all stayed still,it did not transform.It was a disgusting little ball of a planet.He’d like to get off of it as soon as possible,but his symbiotic partner,Barricade,was on the same mission as he.And right now,they were coasts apart.No contact,at least not until they had found proof the Allspark was here.Lord Megatron was supposadly to have came this way too,but Commander Starscream was not after that,no,he wasn’t.Nothing short of the Allspark would’ve brought Lord Megatron to this festering place.Insects,more insects,rodents,big and small.He smashed one under foot as he moved on.

“Stupid,stupid.Hate this world,hate I do.”He muttered quickly in cybertonian.He was so utterly frustrated.He scraped off the blood and fur form the tiny rodent and moved onward,his birdlike gait taking him across rooftops.Had to move,had to move.Then he had to wait.Waiting-waiting-waiting.He stopped again,on top of a skyscraper he had climbed. An insect aircraft flew overhead,and he scanned it.A new idea formed.That one was an important one,and had many important things on it.He scanned for the name.Air Force One. New target.More info.Important information.God stuff-good stuff.Commander Starscream would be pleased if he could get something out of that one.He would.Now,to find the aircrafts place of origin.He quickly scuttled down the building,and opened a window,finding an abandoned office.He needed more from the one called World Wide Web.He stood up, after hacking security for the room and shuttting it down,and turning off the camera’s.The insect’s security measures were simple and barbaric compared to cybertronian technology.

Hacking the nearest computer,he got into the Washington D.C. cities mainframe, trying to find something that would lead to the aircraft called Air Force One.He found several designations for the one name.He finally found the two he needed,and laughed madly.He did it!He did it!Now,to get on the aircraft.He gave an impaitent dance,his feet moving quickly.He’d have to wait.Wait-wait-wait.Slag the Allspark.He slipped back out of the window,and looked down.The highway,that would get him to where he wanted to go.And faster too.Now,what to ride?He skidded his way down to the bottom of the building, whisper transforming again into his radio mode.What to ride?What to ride?Too small.Too big,and he might lose his head.There.Perfect.An 18-wheeler.He skittered into the highway, seeing the look of horror as the driver slammed on his brakes.Skittering under the speeding truck,he grabbed the trailers axle and climbed up,holding on for his life.The truck stopped, and he clung to the trailers underside.The driver got out and looked,but did not see Frenzy.

After several rather hazardous drop and grabs,he had made it to the airport where the aircraft would be expected next.The insect’s had an appalling traffic sytem.It never went where you wanted it to.That was so...damn,yes,damn frustrating.The insects did have a funny languange,but it explained frustration rather well.Of course,it was but one of the many these backwards beings had.Going up to the roof of the building that held the aircraft in captivity.Now,to wait.Slag,he hated waiting.

When he next came online,the aircraft was right according to the schedule.They thought they had done so well,trying to make many different schedules to confuse anyone and maintain secrecy.Code?The insects code was as easy to overcome as it was to dig through an autobots chassis.One important part,and boom,it all went down.Boom-boom-boom!He liked it when things went boom!,unless it was him.Then it wasn’t fun.Nope,not at all.He had to get on.No attention to himself.None at all.Nope.He ran down the side of the building,finding the aircraft,and following it to the hanger.All the while,staying out of site from the insects.So little attention they paid to him.Idiots.No double play here.He watched as the important insects got off of it,under tight security.Or,what the insects called security.Barricade could crush it without a problem.He hid again,waiting for the next time the plane would move,so he could get on.

The wait was not long.Within a matter of a day,he had hitched his way on,smuggling himself on,via an uninterested female insect.Slipping beneath a seat at the back of the aircraft,he set to the frustrating waiting again.It took agian so long,and more insects came aboard.He needed a peak,yes,a peak.slipping out from under the seat,he looked to see what was going on.The man held a carbon bassed film,which appeared to update him when he looked at it.He looked over it.Yes-yes-yes,Blackout had done his job.Or,at least a part of it.Now it was his turn.He again had to wait but a small matter of time,and then snuck past the sleeping insects.He went to the elavator,and snuck in,avoiding any of the insects from seeing him,by twisting and turning out of sight.Then it stopped,another of the female insects about to get on,he again turned into the radio,sitting on the side.She gave a curious look,and shrugged her shoulders.Once down to the bottom of the aircraft,he let her set him on a table,and as soon as she turned her back,he skulked around,looking for the mother lode.Her heard her coming,and quickly hid in one of the little ports on the aircraft.

He kept all four optics on the insect female,and after she left,he found what he was seeking.The mainframe to the insects international sytem.Something even bigger then the one called th World Wide Web.Yes-yes-yes!He split his arms into four,and began the hack,searching and watching.Barricade and Commander Starscream would like this,yes-yes-yes!He planted a virus,even as he hacked the entire thing.Iceman,The female was still down here,and she moved.His machine gun came out.Then information came pouring in,things about Sector 7,Archibald Witwicky.He kept looking,something about a ladiesman217.Then the entire quit on him. Argh!He hit his head.Damn insects!They countered fast for lesser beings.Then he got shot, completely unaware in his frustration to watch for the insects.No-no-no-no!He jumped up to the cieling,and fired off two shruiken, killing the insects.He killed another on his way to hiding.Once in the cargo hold,he turned into his radio form,watching as the insects looked for him.Then he sunk into radio mode, contacting Barricade.The aircraft would be landing soon,and he needed his cover.

As soon as the aircraft landed,he snuck down.Going to the wheel well of the craft,and he stuck his head out.He was edgy,so many insects,so many.He looked out,looking for Barricade.

“Barricade?Need contact,where are you?”He looked around.So-so-so many insects.He looked around fitfully.

“I’m here Frenzy.”A squad car pulled up to the outside line of security.This was going to be tricky.They were every where.He flipped down beneath the craft,hiding on the wheels shocks and frame.Then he crawled down,and standing straight,he hid his face and hurried quickly over to Barricade,laughing behind two of the security forces backs who had not seen him.Barricade opened his door and he slipped in.

“The stupid insects shot at me.”He complained as he got in the seat,ducking out of sight and getting onto the computer that was in Barricades car form.He quickly got on it, getting onto the web and putting the information he got from the plane.

“We have to find the one called ladiesman217.”He chattered.Barricade did not answer,and took off with his sirens blaring.Frenzy crawled into his compartment,and stood to wait it out again.Waiting-waiting-waiting.Always waiting!

“Shut up.”Barricade said.

When he was next wanted,it was to go after the one called ladiesman217.Leaping out of Barricades back,he flew after the scared child-insect,and his female.He missed the first time,and scrambled after them like a demented insect.He tackled the male insect,and fought as the female ran off.Typical insects.As he grappled with the male,he ended up taking off the layer of skin known as clothing.Then was taken by his long neck,and the female came at him,putting an irrating saw against it.A wire snapped,and he had to let go of his body.Better to save his head then his body.He tried to crawl away.

“Not so big without your head now are you?”The male said,and kicked him.He flew really surprisingly far,and then got out his spiked legs.Lifting his head,he walked off.Stupid insects!Cut off his head would they?He’d get them.He would-he would!Crawling along,he came across another piece of insect technology.Spearing it,he copied it and threw it away, becoming the phone.To wait again.DAMMIT!He was taken up again rather quickly,this time by the insects.He was sitting inside Bumblebee.No-no-no-no!All wrong-all wrong!Yet,the autobot didn’t even notice.Good-good-good!He settled down and again waited.

He felt himself being set down,and peeked out,into the ladiesman217 room.Nothing much was happening,just they wer searching for something.The glasses.He was ready to grab them,and was surprised by to see rodents in a glass bowl of water.He backed back into the bag.Better to wait this one out.Barricade would think so.He took Barricades advice, and shutdown.

Disturbances.Again.Lot’s of them.He checked to see if it was safe.He was sitting on the edge of a large concrete building.He checked,and seeing that no one was watching,he slipped off.He found a rather large drop waiting for him as he skittered down.

“Aaaaaaaagh!”He yelled as he fell.Landing hard,he almost lost one of his optics. Picking it up,he scuttled off,walking into the dam,swearing the whole while.His job was always so precarious.As he skulked the halls,he followed wires and tubes,leading to a large room.Lord Megatron!He was standing frozen in the room.The humans had managed cyro stasis on him.He had to do something about it.Crawling along through all the small places he could find,he worked his way into another room.By the Allspark!It was the Allspark! Running up to it,he quickly got his body back,and stalked off.

“All Spark found.”He alerted the decepticons,and ran off to unfreeze Lord Megatron. The security was terribly lax around the room,and he dispatched the gaurds and quickly started his work.

“Yes-yes-yes.Megatron-Megatron-Megatron!”He jabbered excitedly.Lord Megatron was back.After his work was done,he hurried off.The insects were interfering again.Trying to contact others.Not on his watch-his watch.

Slamming against the door,he tried to break in.They’d barricaded it.Unfourtanatly, irony was wasted on him.Through the crack in the door,he shot a shruiken.Dammit-dammit! He missed the white haired insect and the one beside him.An idea struck him,and running back,he climbed up to the vents.He was being shot at again.Damn insects!Running along the pipe,a shot blasted a hole in it,and he fell out.

“Gonna get you-get you-get you!”He screamed,and landed on a display case after another shot.The humans fled around the room,and he got up and hid behind a coulloumn.Machine guns popping out,he fired on those who had fired on him.He fired shruiken at an insects head and missed.Damn-damn-damn!

“Gonna get you!”He screamed madly.He turned out and fired,and a shotgun blast took him by the head.He ignored it,firing back,and then firing a shruiken.It rebounded around the room,and came back at him.It ripped through his head.

“Oh shi-”His body fell,one optic looking around.

The End?
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