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Old 2007-12-02, 12:58 AM   #21
RID Scourge
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In ur newz forum. Reading ur newz!

I noticed that the plastic, used in my Cybertron Thust minicon, is much lighter than the corresponding figure in the Star Saber, Dark Saber and Energon Saber.

I still atand by my endorsement of Armada minicons and the bomber and construction vehicle from the Giant Planet figures.

In terms of micromasters, I've found the figures with ground-based alt modes, ie cars, construction vehicles, military hardware, generally tend to be the better molds, in my opinion. I've actually got a row of micromasters on my shelving. I need to acquire more, eventually. I wish I could find the box that I lost in my move to another room, about 12 years ago. :\ I had a ton of them, as a kid.

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Old 2007-12-03, 03:46 AM   #22
wait... he's still alive?
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Originally posted by Sunstreaker2
...Steamhammer's feet aren't flush with the ground, it takes a lot of persuasion to get Tankor to stay up, Razorclaw can't stand up, and Shockwave has parts that keep popping off. As you can see, I'm not impressed!
um- my steamhammer stands well (though he kind looks goofy)- tankor has no problems and my shockwave is solid (well his legs are a little loose from playin' with him)... but yeah- i hate that razor claw doesn't like to stand- if you put his legs with one forward and one with the knee bemnt backwards- he stands okay:\ if you post him next to another figure (a cheat- i know)...

i was more impressed with the fact that they could even move- the only minicons i had before that were the star saber team (okay- but not awsome- even the gestalt sword falls apart a lot) and the perceptor team (purely a display piece- IMO)...

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