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Old 2008-04-27, 11:47 AM   #1
There ain't no Sanity Clause
zigzagger's Avatar
Default Animated Ultra Magnus and others revealed @

Goodness, nothing but toys, toys, toys this week!
Hasbro reveals four more animated figures; Swoop, Sentinel Prime, Elite Guard Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus.

I must say, Ultra Magnus looks like one tough mech.
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Old 2008-04-27, 12:32 PM   #2
Charnel House
Ackula's Avatar

Magnus FTW! And to all the guys that said shit about him only having a lame hammer, well looks like he has his fair share of firepower according to this picture. Very nice on almost all accounts, the Bumblebee I'm not too fond of, I wonder if he is going to show up that way in one of the episodes or if this is a pointless repaint?
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Old 2008-04-27, 12:49 PM   #3
King.No,not Predaking.
Preda's Avatar

Could you please post the pictures?Can't see them from Germany...

// Ah,here we go...

All of them look pretty good,but I have to see more of Magnus' Vehicle Mode...

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Old 2008-04-27, 01:51 PM   #4

Some people at botcon said that the repaint of bumblebee will happen in the show, but they didnt say when. But either way it go, that is one ugly repaint, and I wont be getting it. Swoop is cool, and I will be getting all the dinobots, sentinal prime is cool to and I will be getting him. Ultran Magnus, oh yeah, I thought the animated line couldnt get any better, yeah I was wrong. My pockets are bout to be empty for a while when these boys come out.
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Old 2008-04-27, 03:30 PM   #5
Detective Barricade
"To Punish and Enslave..."
Detective Barricade's Avatar
Middle of Nowhere, Canada
Thumbs up

All of those figures, except Elite Guard Bumblebee, look great. Swoop has only strengthened my desire to get all the Dinobots in this line. Now I'd like to see Snarl/Slag... Sentinel Prime looks good. And Ultra Magnus, I wouldn't want to be a Decepticon facing all that firepower. Truly a Leader class Autobot to rival Earth Mode Megatron in coolness. Shame these toys are so far away from being released...
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Old 2008-04-27, 06:45 PM   #6
Neuronutter's Avatar
Halifax, NS

Wow, Ultra Magnus looks fantastic. I like military alt modes in general and his kicks arse. And how many guns does he have? So much for being underpowered. Am looking forward to him and Sentinal!
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Old 2008-04-27, 09:08 PM   #7
Bluecatcinema's Avatar

Could any put up some mirrored pics? I keep getting redirected to the main page.
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Old 2008-04-27, 09:36 PM   #8
There ain't no Sanity Clause
zigzagger's Avatar

Sigh....Oh, alright.


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Old 2008-04-27, 10:08 PM   #9
Notabot's Avatar
Lowden, IA

The hook things on UM's knees- are those just for aesthetics, or is there going to be some combining of some sort going on? They don't seem to have much purpose in either mode. Not that they mess anything up. He and Sentinel both look great in either mode.
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Old 2008-04-27, 11:28 PM   #10
was here way before you.
Blitzwing's Avatar
British Columbia

The Hammer is big... but not that big.
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Old 2008-04-29, 02:21 AM   #11
Heinrad's Avatar
Riskin' it all on my Russian Roulette!

Al Capone would have keeled over if Eliot Ness had looked like that....... I might have to get Magnus, after all.
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