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Old 2008-05-19, 01:27 AM   #1
is gettin got wif da gloc
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Default "Darth Off" 2008

A friendly little competition between me and Bruce; we wanted to see who had the bigger collection of Vader-specific stuff- rules were simple: anything that was Vader or Anakin was good. I went up to the attic to dig some of this stuff out; it was a fond trip down memory lane.

Vintage Carrying Case (I have two, both filled)

Some more vintage stuff- L to R - a ceramic wall hanger I made as a kid, a vinyl figure from the mid nineties, Vader Unleashed (which you already saw), and center is the vintage Tie Fighter with figure.

ROTJ Wallet, MPC/Ertl Model Kit holding a digital watch, 12" fig from 1980, Kids Beltbuckle, mini fig from the Dagobah set that came out recently.

Some rather curious stuff- a friend brought back that sitting fellow from Mexico for me back in the 80's, The rear piece is a ceramic mold with a light base that a relative made for me a very long time ago (I believe I have a matching RD D2 as well), and a bunch of the original Kenner figures.

The more recent stuff- Hasbro POTF up to now.

So this begs the question: Got Vader?

"...Working on a specimen the size of Angel is actually easier in many ways."
Mac scoffs. "Easier almost ate me a few days ago."-
Steve Alten, Meg: Hell's Aquarium
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