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Old 2008-08-25, 04:03 PM   #61
Shooty Dog Thing
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Originally Posted by frenzy_rumble View Post
yep. 100 times cooler in IMAX. seeing it in a regular theater spoils the experience. Same with TF.
Kinda doubtful, since the fact stuff is obviously and blatantly CGI already ruins movies for me. Being able to see that in higher resolution never helps.

Originally Posted by CounterPunch
If you go to someone whose fave film is Mean Girls and try to convince them why say... Citizen Kane is the best film ever, they won't care what you say
If it's a dire film, them being an idiot is a stronger reason for not trying to convince them of anything. Besides which 'best' connotes quality rather than person opinional, which is why I generally try to avoid using it or at least add meaningful qualifiers...

Decent film. Topped the previous one, which was already my favourite Batman flick. I think on the whole I preferred Iron Man as it was more upbeat.

Some of the merchandising (eg, kids' storybooks) is hilarious --
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