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Old 2008-01-12, 02:17 PM   #1
Cellar Door
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Smile Want to read Captain Britain - The Crooked World?

Semi-aborted run from Alan Davis and Dave Thorpe leading up to the Davis/Moore material, and not reprinted by Marvel since '94 because Gary Friedrich documenting his brain dissolving in alcohol is much more vital. (15.9 MB, zipped CBR file)

Only change I've made is the "Oh my God Thorpe's ****ed up, we need to orld out how we're going to get this moving in a single direction" fill-in strip "Attack of the Binary Beings" from moved in publishing order until the last of Thorpe's installments to preserve what there is of the flow (it was published before "If The Push Should Fail...", but set during the first chapter) into last place.

It's flawed stuff, with far too many good ideas, some very mechanical dialogue and in Jackdaw a sidekick who's a total cockmuncher. Worth seeing for the history of the characters, including the first appearances of Mad Jim Jaspers and the prototype Crazy Gang.

Full review with spoilers here -

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Old 2008-01-20, 06:15 PM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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The bit where they serve them all drugged tea was funny, in a none-too-subtle way... but it's ultimately not very exciting or sharp, which is something I associate with the bit of moderately early Captain Britain I've read...
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Old 2008-01-20, 07:00 PM   #3
Cellar Door
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Originally posted by Denyer
The bit where they serve them all drugged tea was funny, in a none-too-subtle way... but it's ultimately not very exciting or sharp, which is something I associate with the bit of moderately early Captain Britain I've read...
No... it's very... distant compared to most other takes on Brian is the thing that really strikes me - not much tangible emotion, and for me the fun with Brian when done well (basically the first half of the 1980s, from Moore to Excalibur, where he suffered a lot from the squeeze of competing in a team book with two popular X-Men) is that he's very human ("Tea & Sympathy" remains one of my very favourite Marvel strips). And that doesn't really come across that well - he's also a little smarter than in general, not quite being as bull-headed as usual. Mind, from what I gather the preceding guest slot with the Black Knight was a lot like that too.

The biggest problem for me is the wild indiscipline, though... Jim Jaspers showing up again must've been an editorial call. The whole thing with Algernon just bugs me, too. As does Satyrnyne being from the South...

For context, that stuff's only about, what six months ahead of the 1980s TPB - all that's inbetween is the Alan Moore run which I'd recommend if you haven't read it. I'd offer to scan, but it's a TPB so I doubt I'd survive. Erm, and I was going to post an "it's worth a tenner for the TPB" with an Amazon link, but it turns out the thing now costs ~40. Hmmm, might have to relist the Thorpe comics, but this time play up the Alan Moore angle. I guess that's ol' Alan being a **** about some tiny problem with the credits, then. Chap really does have the fans' best interests at heart

For anyone interested, here's a 30MB zip of Cap Apocrypha, containing Captain Britain Weekly #23, #31-33, Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #232=233 and #246-247, the first episode of the Black Knight serial and the recent strip from the UK Spectcular Spider-Man comic -
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Old 2008-10-20, 11:45 AM   #4
One with the Matrix
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I'm on the roof and I'm staring at the stars...


Oooh, pricey.

Also, if your a person who likes Runaways (like me), but dislikes hardcovers and those silly digest things (also like me), you don't need to wait any more. Well, you do need to wait a little more, but that's not the point.

Next, Irredeemable Ant-Man TPBs. Pleasepleaseplease.

Also again, apparently Marvel's going to release they're Masterworks in cheaper TPB format. That means i.e. Claremont's old Uncanny in colour and for reasonable price.

-Okay, the bomb's dropped. Life goes on. No amount of sulking or worrying changes that. We've got our own lives to live. In that regard, in five minutes time, I am using the autopilot on the Midnight Runner and taking it down the pub. If I go on my own, I go on my own.
-Well. Wait up, you horrible English git. While I'm around, you don't have to go anywhere on your own.
And, one by one, the others follow.
And, one by one, they begin to smile.
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Old 2008-10-22, 03:43 PM   #5
Triple Changer
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Time to put my two CB trades on ebay methinks!

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