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Old 2008-10-28, 03:04 PM   #1
One with the Matrix
Default X-Men Evolution

So I've just got done watching all 4 seasons of X-Men Evolution and I'll tell you what, my opinion hath been changed.

Before last week I viewed X-Men Evolution as a show that was ok, had potential, but seemed kinda pointless (it just seemed to be a whole teenafication for no reason to me) and was a bit too light and stupid at times, with my biggest issue being "yeah so we're at school with the brotherhood and theyre kinda bullies, but then outside school we're mortal enemies and theyre trying to kill us"

Now though I think completely differently, I'm able to look past that problem I had and also see that having the look, setting etc very different from the comic allows the show to do whatever it wants with the characters without having such massive backlash.

It waa just so god damn entertaining too, seasons 3 and 4 were pretty fantastic what with the build up and conclusion to the Apocalypse saga taking place.

Speaking of Apocalypse, David Kaye provided a voice very very similar to his Megatron(s) but a bit more raspy, I can never decide whether reusing voices is ok, or whether its really a testament to the quality of the voice that its been reused for one of the biggest and most important x-characters.

What do other people think of the show?
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Old 2008-11-03, 04:24 PM   #2
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What would Deadpool do?

i loved it personally, like you said, once you get past the high school stuff it's actually pretty damn good in that it didn't revolve entirely around wolverine for a change thus enabling some interesting character pieces such as rogue and Nightcrawler's relationship with mystique. the show definately improves after season 1, especially when you get to play spot the mutant when the new mutants join the school. the sentinel and apocalypse stories were great and i really liked the future montage thing at the end of the last episode.

"No point in long goodbyes, here's the door."

"Life's a trip, and then you die" -
Hunter S.Thompson
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