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Old 2008-07-26, 07:58 AM   #41
Charnel House
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I'm making the decision to lock this thread for the time being to discourage any further escalation from any of the involved parties.
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Old 2008-07-26, 12:00 PM   #42
Shooty Dog Thing
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No worries, I've got this one. For a couple of days, anyway, after which if needs be I'll kill everyone before heading out of the country.

Originally Posted by Treadshot A1 View Post
numbers and pure fact?
What proportion of MP-02 was sold in AU/NZ versus Japan? If you have sell-through numbers for the territories these moulds have been released in, I for one would be interested in seeing them.

Originally Posted by Treadshot
The quote you have of me, is of a store's selling results, while you reply about target markets. Fact.
Yes. Because it's of primary relevance to a Masterpiece line being produced and marketed to kids, and a store exclusive managing to clear a small stock doesn't indicate things are viable for wider release.

If we're considering anecdotal store data valid or indicative of anything, the Prime mould (even in the recognisable colour scheme) was widely remaindered across America.

Originally Posted by Treadshot A1 View Post
Ever since day one on TFA, you've argued against everything i said.
For people in the audience, Treadshot's day-one-and-onwards posting history is still here...

...and it's generally been because things were inane, oblivious or trying to dictate what other posters contributed. (On the latter note, someone appears to have removed the 'f*ck you' that was aimed at ziggy in one of the trivia forum threads.)

I think this is mainly a case of "reap what you sow".
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Old 2008-07-26, 12:08 PM   #43
Legends Class
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Scotland, UK

Woah... Things went weird here between my last read through!

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Old 2008-07-26, 12:30 PM   #44
Cellar Door
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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Tips for getting Red Devil out of a keyboard, anyone?
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Old 2008-09-01, 08:14 AM   #45
Keiner versteht mich.
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Autobase Germany

New stock photos:
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Old 2008-11-20, 02:15 AM   #47
"I've done better and got over it."
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Murray, KY

Yay! I eagerly await mine to arrive so that it can sit in its box in the corner with the rest of the jets!

I need a bigger museum apartment.
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