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Old 2008-12-04, 04:30 PM   #1
In Need of a Higher Credit Limit...
Sewell, NJ
Default Autobot Brothers, Trade only

Board not included, unless you sweeten the deal somehow.

These are all US releases with the exception of chase ones.

I do have and will include the box for the chase versions.

I also have the box for shadowstriker/roulette/sideswipe/sunstreaker. I can include those too if you want. The rest of the packages are long gone.

I am looking for the following Binaltechs.

BT-17 Black Convoy - Dodge Ram SRT-10 (Wonderfest 2007/e-Hobby exclusive)
BT-18 Ligier Electro-Disruptor Mode - Ford GT (e-Hobby exclusive) (also spelled "Electro-Disrupter")
BT-21 Arcee - Honda S2000
BT-22 Convoy - Red Dodge Ram SRT-10

I will accept the following offers, sealed only

A) 17
B) 18 & 21 OR 22

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