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Old 2009-01-05, 02:29 PM   #41
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As far as what's been announced, Prime is shockingly the only reissue.
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Old 2009-01-05, 04:18 PM   #42
"I've done better and got over it."
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Originally Posted by Ackula View Post
Looks like most people are not willing to pay $70 for a 25 year old toy.
I don't think the age has anything to do with it. I think most people are not willing to pay $70 for a toy, period.

It is a nice package overall: the original toy, plus a DVD with the cartoon pilot and a reprint of the first issue of the comic all in a nice, windowed display box. I just think they overshot the price by about $20 or so. At $50 (and minus the talking display stand) it probably could have been a mover for the holiday season. As it stands now, stores will either have to put them on clearance or wait until the movie comes out to reinvigorate general interest in the brand.
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Old 2009-01-05, 04:34 PM   #43
Vin Ghostal
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I actually laughed when I saw the price in Wal-Mart. $70 is absurd for the umpteenth reissue of a toy many people already own. I already have two G1 Primes, Powermaster Prime, Masterpiece Prime, Movie Prime, and Movie Premium much more can they ask of us?!?
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Old 2009-01-05, 04:36 PM   #44
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Lowden, IA

I've seen these on clearance already at a couple Targets. Not a huge discount yet, but I'm sure they'll go down even more. I'd be interested around $30 or so.
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