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Old 2009-08-03, 12:27 AM   #1
Catalyst Dragon
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Default Catalyst for sale/trade

Ok so my first time listing things for sale or Trade here. I've made several sucessful transactions on
Pics. availiable upon request.

I've got some 2007 movie figures for sale. No boxes or instructions. These came from a lot.

Leader Megatron- Complete. C 9. $20

Leader Optimus Prime- Missing gun, Missile, and Left Shoulder Panel.
otherwise fine. $15

Deluxe Barricade- Complete. C 9.5. $10

Deluxe '74 Camaro Bumblebee- Missing launchers and missiles. $5

Bumperbattlers Bumblebee- $3

From other lines-

Supreme Starscream- no accessories. except crown. C 8( minor wear) $25

Cybertron Leader Galvatron-missing 2 missles. have key. $20

Cybertron Nemisis Breaker- complete(i think) $15

I also have some starwars stuff for sale. Loose figures, titanium ships, and one vehical. All are complete and C 9+

Heres some pics. of them.

Also some individual pics. i've taken.

These are the Titanium ships I've got

Falcon still in the box

I don't really know what the Starwars figs are worth...make me an offer I'll sell them indiviually or in a lot, I'll trade them for transformers as well.

Any questions just ask.

All that was needed was a catalyst and the machines of war are set in motion.
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