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Old 2002-04-07, 01:09 AM   #1
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Default Dreamwave comics prices on the rise?

I went to my usual comics vendor and saw 3 covers, Autobot, Decepticon, and foil. I asked the guy the price of foil and he's like "it's more than you think." And when I asked for non foiled prices (it's $2.95 cover) I got $5. So I ended up paying for the 2 non foiled ones and will get second printing when it's out. I think the overwhelming demand of the comic has driven the price up even in its first week of release. DW have to be very happy with the response.

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Old 2002-04-07, 01:46 AM   #2

Definatly a great response.

I got my comic today and was talking with the owner when I got it.

He was shocked he had turned 15 people away that morning saying that they were all out that he had scanned the shelves and none of the first issue were left.

I walked in and say two things. A GI Joe comic and half of Dreamwave Megatron on a which I immdeatly grabbed.
(It's kick @$$ by the way)

But that just shows they are in high demand if I snagged the last copy anfd they've been out all of two three days.

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Old 2002-04-07, 01:58 AM   #3
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Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Default This is too funny

I know what you 2 are talking about I actually started a thread about how the first issue of the Dreamwave Transformers comic has risen in value. And FYI the incentive cover is the most valuable of all the variant covers right now
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Old 2002-04-07, 03:06 AM   #4
King Lurker
Ottawa, Ontario

I got mine at a good price, $4.70 CDN for the regular covers and $9.50 CDN for the foil one, not bad, I grabbed 3 copies of each, hehe

I went to 3 comics shops before I found one with them instock and they had only about 10 of each left.

Brendan Reilly
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Old 2002-04-07, 03:39 AM   #5
Grandmaster Shockwaeve
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Thumbs up

A month or so ago, I got on a list at a local shop so they would save em for me when they came in... I went today, and they had sold "phenomenally" and they had no record of my name or anything, so I went home and decided to wait for the second printing. The guy calls me up a few hours later saying he found them-- they had just mis-alphabetized my name. So I got both regular ones today. Very good stuff!

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Old 2002-04-07, 03:44 AM   #6
RID Scourge
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Angry One problem I have with this . . .

Is that the prices on the cover was the recommended price, set by Dreamwave. Not only are we getting hosed by the stores raising the price on the comic, but Dreamwave isn't going to get a cut of the additional price boost. They only get the same price that they get from the normal issue. If Dreamwave had put a higher price on it, or if it were a back issue, then I could see the sellers doing likewise, but neither is the case, so they are creating an artificial inflation of the value of the comic. Current comics should be sold at cover price.
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Old 2002-04-07, 04:00 AM   #7

I just read on the DreamWave website the Comics sold at a record pace.
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Old 2002-04-07, 03:56 PM   #8
Shooty Dog Thing
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Wink Yeah...

Originally posted by Transfan
FYI the incentive cover is the most valuable of all the variant covers right now
...and it's still nowt special.

Although I'm tempted to pick up a re-issue to go wiv me Autobot cover. The Metroplex art is nice.
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