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Old 2010-06-10, 08:53 PM   #1
Auntie Slag
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Cambridge, UK
Talking That brilliant G1 Beachcomber review!

I just wanted to draw attention to mAgic rAt's utterly bonkers review of Beachcomber. There's so much joyous imagery amongst his mad surfer dude-like quips, and he really puts across the vibe of how much fun a little minibot can be. Great lines like:

Transformation: 5 - Too simple, but still a 5 because it allows you to do the super fast 'I’m-racing-towards-the-decepticons-and-I-can-transform-in-mid-air-and-land-on-Soundwave’s-head'-move

How many of us did that move? I know I did. And it brought it all back reading those lines. I can imagine the big grin on mAgic rAt's face as he wrote this.

And I fully agree with him that Beachcomber is a great Transformer. The guy oozed class.

General-anaesthetically mental, and a great review.

"It's not until you're an adult you appreciate how awesome a dog is. Your dreams start dying, somebody cheats on you, bankers f*** up your pension. Then you come home and that dog's looking at you and he's like, 'Dude, you're awesome!' - Bill Burr

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Old 2010-06-11, 01:28 AM   #2
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I liked that. There was that point when he says something about bugging his vacuum-cleaning mother with Beachcomber--that part was superb.
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Old 2010-06-11, 07:32 AM   #3
inflatable dalek
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Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
I just wanted to draw attention to mAgic rAt's utterly bonkers review of Beachcomber.

[Smarmy DJ] I think you just did. [/Smarmy DJ].
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