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Old 2010-06-27, 04:30 AM   #1
Default Why I CANNOT POST???????


I already reigstered my account but I cannot make posts. Why??? I didn't receive any email and the website keep telling me that I cannot postsing.

I raelly like transformers. I liek the new comics and the movies, I am a very big fan. kobushi is my first transformer toy and I really liek him. I have started reading the comics and teh cartoons especially armada and cybertron, but when i looked the toy and comic and cartoon guides in your site is not complete. lol.

What must I do to be able to post???

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Old 2010-06-27, 09:03 AM   #2
Shooty Dog Thing
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Some email providers filter emails sent by forum software, and not very consistently, which isn't something the forums can do much about. The sheer volume of spam Yahoo deals with means they're pretty draconian about filtering.

I've moved you into the Registered usergroup, but a friendly suggestion: bother to type properly, because peppering what you're saying with liek / lol / ???? will get you written off by a lot of people, most of whom are about ten years older than you.
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