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Old 2012-02-17, 12:41 AM   #1
Puppy Kicker
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Default Generations Predictions

Well, ToyFair came and went with a 'meh' this year, with Hasbro kinda indicating that next year will be really cool. Not so much this year, apparently.. ah well. In one of their announcements they mentioned that Genreations 2013 will have 40 figures through the year! At first, that sounds like a lot, but is it?

Aside from the idea that some of these will be Cyberverse (which is cool in my book), I'm having the feeling that a lot of these figures aren't exactly going to be new in any sense. Instead, they're going to be recovering figures from the bottom of retail hell.

So, my predictions?

* Generations: Rumble / Frenzy
* Generations: Reflector

These guys were planned for the end of the line, and the molds aren't going to go to waste.

* First Edition: Bumblebee
* First Edition: Cliffjumper
* First Edition: Arcee
* First Edition: Starscream

Generations will come out well after the 'Prime' line toys have moved past these characters. This will be a way to keep the Prime characters on the shelves, albeit in a different line.

* Movie Trilogy: Wheeljack
* Movie Trilogy: Soundwave
* Movie Trilogy: Twin Twist

I would lay money that this is the line that's going to get the 'Movie Trilogy' subline after all. In addition to the non-releases, I imagine that the 'core cast' from each movie, at deluxe size, will be spread out in some manner. So, maybe another Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, Jolt, Mudflap, Skids, Starscream, etc. thrown around.

Any other thoughts?
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Old 2012-02-17, 03:34 PM   #2
The man who painted heaven
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North star where bananna froze

So mostly things got cancelled or delayed indefinitely are awesome. I will put couple for.

- Movie Trilogy DOTM style Leader Class Megatron
- MOvie Trilogy HA or Deluxe class Dino
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Old 2012-02-21, 06:21 AM   #3
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Originally Posted by TFVanguard View Post
* Generations: Rumble / Frenzy
* Generations: Reflector

These guys were planned for the end of the line, and the molds aren't going to go to waste.
I think those are pretty likely, but my only question is what they're going to release Rumble and Frenzy as. They don't really make sense as Cyberverse Commanders, though it's possible that they could just get thrown in there. I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see Wipeout, Decepticharge and/or Tailgate from the Windcharger mold if Hasbro figures out a decent way to distribute Scouts in the new pricepoint framework.

We also know that there are head-swaps of Scourge, Jazz, Kup, Laser Prime and Lugnut that haven't been used, and they'll probably show up at some point. Warpath as well, although I think his head-swap is pretty much confirmed as Hardhead (and Perceptor as Reflector, as you said). I kind of expect to see some older Universe and even Classics molds make an appearance as well. I don't think Astrotrain, Octane, Galvatron, Hound and Hot Shot have ever been reused by Hasbro (at least not at retail) and since they usually like to get at least one redeco from each mold I wouldn't be entirely surprised to see them reappear one of these days.

I'm also expecting at least one or two more wave of Fall of Cybertron toys. The pre-release info for the game makes the Insecticons and especially the Dinobots seem like a big deal and I would be surprised if we didn't at least see a Grimlock (in fact, since forty figures is a pretty big number of Deluxes to release in a year's time I'm wondering if some Voyager Dinobots aren't in the offing). I'd also be surprised if we didn't see a Megatron in the line, even if it's just a redeco of WFC Megatron.

Beyond that...Trailbreaker and Arcee are supposed to be on Hasbro's to-do list if their convention panels are anything to go by, so I wouldn't be surprised to see either one of them (plus obligatory repaints into Hoist and...I dunno, Elita-1 or Chromia?). I'm not sure who else would be considered a 'priority' for the designers, although Blitzwing is probably the most in-demand figure from a fan perspective.

Moving into flat-out speculation and wishlisting, if Generations is going to expand into more than just the Deluxe price point then a Leader-class Optimus Prime seems like a fairly reasonable guess. A modern toy of Powermaster Prime would make my inner four-year-old very happy, and if it was designed so that parts of it could be reused for Ultra Magnus and/or Motormaster that would be even better.
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Old 2012-02-21, 09:53 AM   #4
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York, UK

Generations "Senator" Ratbat using the Scourge mould.

The new headsculpts of all the previous generation deluxes.

More waves of FOC stuff. Starscream's been heavily hinted, I expect Ironhide and Ratchet, a Grimlock and of course a Megatron.

I don't believe we'll see movie figures thrown in, sadly.

Few stuff in the UK to trade/sell. Measly sales thread.
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Old 2012-02-21, 11:04 AM   #5
inflatable dalek
Duke of Kidderminster
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Red face

I would eat all your babies for a new take on Powermaster Prime. Though based on the new Laser Rod Prime turning out to be less good than the original, that may be needlessly mean infanticide.
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