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Old 2012-02-11, 05:37 AM   #3061
Unashamed Movie Fanboy
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Originally Posted by Cal
I started proofing this Roadbuster review for you when I realized how familiar it all seemed. Then it hit me: it's was copy and pasted into your Leadfoot review! I know that they're both Legion Wreckers, numbat, but this is a really lazy way of reviewing. You even made the exact same typo here that I pointed out in the Leadfoot review! If you can't write a review from scratch for both characters, it may be better to let someone else review one so that we can get an original perspective.
You know, that was rude.

Both Wreckers had the same character background and everything, plus both introductions were written from scratch by Numbat. And, like he said, some people might just want to read single reviews, and not all of them. An introduction is a great way to make the readers more familiar to the characters.

I don't mind Numbat using nearly the same introduction in his reviews of the Legion class Wreckers.

The main body of the reviews are completely different, and really, just having a similar introduction for characters that had more or less the same role... how is that lazy?

Originally Posted by Cal
On another point, when are you going to complete your reviews for Soundwave, Topsin and HA Leadfoot? Too often I see reviews that start with a few photos, then nothing. I never upload my reviews until they're ready.
So Numbat can't take photos everytime, and takes photos for all the toys he would like to review in bulk before writing the reviews proper. And he always finishes the reviews, no matter how long it takes. What's it to you?

If you want to review Soundwave or Topspin or HA Leadfoot, just pipe up, and you can probably do so. Having a few additional threads that are reserved for reviews aren't harmful at all.
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Old 2012-02-11, 06:27 AM   #3062
Unashamed Movie Fanboy
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Good show, Warcry. All of which I'd have said, albeit in a more verbose, Starscream-fangasming way.

Odd, my Starscream doesn't have any hip joint problems.
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Old 2012-02-11, 06:50 AM   #3063
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Not really a surprise. Those things are usually (but not always) a tolerances issue -- the ball joint is slightly too small, or the socket is slightly too big. Hasbro doesn't have the same insanely high standards for things like that as Lego does, which is a shame because in this day and age it's just as important for all the bits and pieces that go into a Transformer to fit together precisely.

The same sort of thing happened with my Black Shadow...his left shoulder was very loose right out of the box. It's probably the most common QC issue I find with modern Transformers, sadly, and makes me wonder if the designers don't realize that the cheap Chinese manufacturers simply can't match the precise specs of the toys they're designing.

I'll take some pics for this tomorrow.
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Old 2012-02-11, 07:34 PM   #3064
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Here's the pics.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	starscream_alt.jpg
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ID:	8765   Click image for larger version

Name:	starscream_bot2.jpg
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ID:	8766   Click image for larger version

Name:	starscream_bot.jpg
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ID:	8767  
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Old 2012-02-12, 01:29 PM   #3065
Unashamed Movie Fanboy
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That picture in the middle...

Rubbing his hands in that hammy villain way wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind when I tried to figure what pose he was in.
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Old 2012-02-12, 05:50 PM   #3066
Likes Beast Wars toys. A lot.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

When I took that picture, the first thing I thought of was that he was shielding himself from being kicked in the groin by Arcee. But it was too funny not to use.
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Old 2012-02-13, 05:40 PM   #3067
Legends Class
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Scotland, UK

Cheers Blackjack.

Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
If you want to review Soundwave or Topspin or HA Leadfoot, just pipe up, and you can probably do so. Having a few additional threads that are reserved for reviews aren't harmful at all.
There'd be no problem there - as always, if someone else wants to jump in there while I take a while, go for it.


New sale thread added with a range of Transformers including Masterpiece, Botcon, CHUG, RID, Movies etc.

Looking for MP-11T Thundercracker and MP-9 Rodimus v2 (Takara version with as few QC issues as possible).

Check out my new sale thread now!

Also items on eBay.
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Old 2012-02-13, 05:52 PM   #3068
The man who painted heaven
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North star where bananna froze

Calm down, Cal (and it's not the first time I told you so). There is no standard and order in order to complete a review. In your case, then I'm probably not even allowed to write a review since my native language is not English.
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Old 2012-02-16, 02:39 PM   #3069
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Default Prime Cliffjumper

Name: Cliffjumper
Allegiance: Autobot
Class Size: Deluxe Class

Cliffjumper was one of the original G1 Autobots from way back in 1984. He's probably remembered most famously among the early fandom for the episode 'Traitor' where Cliffjumper for no reason accuses Mirage of being a traitor, or for his glass gas (screw physics), or for pulling out a gigantic bazooka out of nowhere to try shooting Megatron in the very first episode of the cartoon (and promptly shot off a cliff by Laserbeak afterwards. Oh, the irony!). But that's not much of a resume, is it? Sure, he was deemed popular enough to have a speaking role in the 1986 movie, and he would probably have appeared in the third season had his voice actor Casey Kasem not left the show after feeling offended by the stereotypical portrayal of Abdul Fakkadi. Oh well.

But anyway, Cliffjumper wasn't really the first character that comes to mind when you think of the Transformers. Even the Marvel comics did not give Cliffjumper much of a role other than the first few comics. Thus, he didn't have new reincarnations over the years, because he's not Optimus Prime or Megatron or Starscream or Unicron. But Hasbro had dibs on the trademark for Cliffjumper's name, so they were quick to slap it on toys if they needed some random good Autobot. In the Armada toyline, the name Cliffjumper was used for an obscure toy-only Minicon that came with the Cheetor repaint. In the Energon series, Cliffjumper was an Autobot baja buggy that was part of the cartoon cast... which wasn't saying much, really, because the moronic dub calls him 'Downshift' half the time. Like the rest of the Energon characters, this Cliffjumper probably had less personality than a sack of potatoes.

However, Cliffjumper's antics in the original cartoon (all, uh, three, four of them) was apparently memorable enough for the fandom that when Dreamwave and later IDW rebooted G1 as a comic series, Cliffjumper was given some spotlight. We haven't seen a Transformers: Cliffjumper miniseries yet, but in the recent comics Cliffjumper has gotten quite a bit more exposure than he had before. Especially in recent IDW comics where Shane McCarthy and Mike Costa had shaped him up into one of the more memorable secondary characters. I don't ageree with their writing skills all the time, but Cliffjumper is an angry hot-headed tiny little ball of rage and no one could go wrong with him.

But lo, Cliffjumper had one more additional distinguishing feature, which would prove to be his most important one: he looked like a red Bumblebee. Yes, the original toy had an entirely different head and vehicle mode, and were not made from the same mold, but other than that Cliffjumper and Bumblebee are similar enough. Now, when Bumblebee gained an upsurge of popularity with the 2007 movie, a whole lot of Bumblebee toys got made, and we need repaints or else the molds will be wasted. The perfect solution? Cliffjumper.

Just like it's a rule that Optimus Prime must be redecoed into Ultra Magnus or Nemesis Prime, or Starscream must be redecoed into any or all of the six (or more) Seekers, Bumblebee's default repaint choice is Cliffjumper. Be it several toys from the Movie lines, or the Classics-series toys, whenever they needed a Bumblebee repaint, Cliffjumper seemed to be the first obligatory one. Because he's more awesome than Bug Bite. Thus we saw two more incarnations of Cliffjumper. The first was a repaint toy in the Movie lines which had sort of a larger role in the IDW tie-in comics because he's named after a G1 character, and the second was a cameo in Transformers: Animated as a generic Autobot soldier stationed on Cybertron. He was a relatively higher-ranking soldier, and made subsequent reappearances during the show's regrettably short run. Sadly we don't see him charging into battle or jumping off cliffs.

But soon Cliffjumper as a Bumblebee repaint didn't prove at all satisfying to the fandom and hordes of Cliffjumper fans out there, so when the new Prime series (which would apparently be, like, Ultimate Transformers or something) announced that Cliffjumper was going to be among the six main Autobots, the fandom gave out a collective 'squeeee'. The fact that he's not going to look like Bumblebee (who looks like his movie self), and, better yet, is going to be voiced by The Rock, made the fandom 'squeeeee' even harder. Of course, the fandom neglected to realize that the Rock was hardly someone who's going to show up regularly as a voice actor for a cartoon series, or the fact that practically none of the kids knew who Cliffjumper was (while they were familiar with Ratchet or Bulkhead via recent shows like Animated or the live-action movies).

And thus despite the fact that Cliffjumper was in most promotional trailers and any preview comics (which probably only the fandom would read), he was killed within the first ten minutes of the show, in which he proved to be as awesome as Cliffjumper should be... and it set the tone of the series. They were going to have all the character of Beast Wars, all the charm of Animated, and, best of all, the stunning robot-on-robot fights like the movies. Cliffjumper's fight against a dozen Vehicons were awesome to behold, and when Starscream kills him without a second thought, well, it tells us just what the series' tone would be like.

But hey, he's voiced by the Rock and the fandom loves him, so Hasbro decided straight off to make two new Deluxe class molds for him. For a character that had ten minutes of screen time.

I'm going to be a bit more verbose here, and talk on a bit on the Prime toyline. Now, instead of the continual reboots that has been of the norm for the past, oh... twenty years after G1 ended, Hasbro is planning for Transformers: Prime to last much longer. With the momentum of the movies pushing the franchise on, they're going to have Prime be the first of a continual series. Seeing that Prime has already surpassed all my expectations in all aspects of storytelling and visual effects for a cartoon, I'm looking forward to it.

Obviously, the marketing and packaging department of Hasbro got this memo as well, so they did their stuff like they usually do... by making a big deal out of it. Thus, stamping 'FIRST EDITION' on the first wave of toys that came out.

The first edition included, among others, a two-pack of Optimus Prime and Megatron with human PVCs, Bulkhead, Starscream, Bumblebee, Arcee and, yes, Cliffjumper.

Now I came along these first edition Prime toys. I immensely enjoyed the TV series far superior than everything that we had before, even the excellent Animated or Beast Machines series. The only strong contender for Prime is Beast Wars, and because Prime didn't fool around with the characters too much in the first season it's fast becoming my all-time favourite Transformers series. Plot, characterisation, awesome voices, great action scenes... and most of all, great designs.

I was leery at how they're going to transport the designs into toy form. After all, something like Starscream, a tall, reedy, slender robot who turns into a sleek fighter jet? They'll surely mess that up. But I got Starscream anyway, and while he's far from perfect it's about the best I could have expected from the designers trying to translate the design into a toy. Thus, I cashed in and bought Cliffjumper, who seemed to be a better toy than Arcee (and I really didn't want sports car Bumblebee number twenty).

But damn, are they gorgeous toys. And they came with a free display stand, which is Hasbro's sneaky way of repurposing bits of the packaging to act as a hollow cardboard box with 'Transformers Prime' that your toy can proudly stand on. It's more liable to fall apart on the seams, really, unless you keep it in, like, a display case or something. And even then your toy's weight would invariably cause the weak cardboard display stand to collapse.

So screw those display stands.

To those that might be confused, this is the first Cliffjumper mold in the Deluxe Class size. Because soon, like I mentioned before, they'll be releasing a second Deluxe Class Cliffjumper because he's so awesome.

Alternate Mode:
I'm not much of a car geek, but I recognized Cliffjumper as a Dodge Challenger straight off and was proud for it. Hey, it's not every day I could look at a car and say that I recognise it... Of course, someone had to ruin it for me and point out that the rear of Cliffjumper's alternate mode is really a Plymouth Barracuda, so it's again Hasbro's attempt to have a non-licensed vehicle that is similar enough a real-life vehicle, but different enough not to warrant lawsuits. Kind of like the cobbled-from-three-different-Lamborghinis Sunstreaker mold we had in the Classics-Universe line.

Still, while the subtle nuances of the type of sports cars may yet again elude me, it does diminish the fact that Cliffjumper is indeed an awesome-looking muscle car. It's got the long hood, and powerful-looking body that you associate with loud, VRRRR-ROOOOOM engines. Both power and speed... which, basically, is what our favourite cliff-jumping Autobot is all about. A powerful, fast warrior. And while G1 purists might whine about why Cliffjumper is not an ugly super-deformed toy Porsche, I'd say this is one of the times when a new alternate mode is likely to supplant the original one. Cliffjumper's alternate mode is just so gorgeous and so true of the character. It's a great choice.

Also, that little horn ornament in front of the hood, a little piece resembling a bull's horns, is actually quite a nice little touch. I think it's supposed to represent the distinctive horns that Cliffjumper had in his robot mode, and while it might be a wee bit tacky, for me it actually kind of gives Cliffjumper a bit of personalization, showing that this is not just another generic sports car, but it's an Autobot. An Autobot with a personality... it's subtle, more in line with, say, Movie Barricade's 'to protect and enslave', or Mixmaster's Decepticon-headed dog ornament, than having shit like 'WE R 1984' or '534-5PR4Y' tampographed all over the wazoo.

How does the toy stand up to it's show counterpart, though?

Well, for starters, obviously the Cliffjumper toy has join lines, as is the problem with every Autobot car out there. In some, it's a hideous problem, while in some the join lines are barely noticeable. Cliffjumper falls between the two categories. The join lines are visible, especially in the windshield and near the doors, but other than that the rest of the vehicle mode is extremely flawless unless you take a closer look. It's probably as good as we're going to get with current technology, so it's a passing grade on that part.

The toy duplicates the alternate mode seen on the screen quite flawlessly, with loads of moulded details. Sadly, as usual, some of the smaller moulded details are not painted. Still, most of the more distinctive features the general silhouette of the car, the pipe intakes near the rear wheel, the four exhaust vents, and, of course, the horn ornament.

Obviously Cliffjumper is cast in a shade of darker red (almost maroon, but not quite). It's not exactly the metallic shine we saw in the show, but it's passable enough on the toy to be distinctive. The windows are, pretty fetchingly, moulded in a transluscent blue plastic which doesn't exactly reveal the kibble within but helps to keep the realism of the alternate mode. The wheels are obviously black, and the rest of the details are painted silver. The front grille, the inner parts of the wheels, the exhaust pipes and the rear part of the vehicle. The headlights are cast in the same clear blue plastic as the windows, and the horn is in a soft grey rubbery plastic. An tiny Autobot insignia on the left side of the vehicle, near the rear wheel, is painted in silver... catchy enough without being distinctive.

Sadly the rear lights or exhausts are not painted in, but on the upside we don't get an icky vanity plate (although the space is left in) so at least it's not a big loss.

Kibble wise, there's not much that you could see unless you flip him around. Bits of the arm show up under the exhaust vent, but are passable for parts of the vehicle. Cliffjumper rolls on the ground quite nicely and, well, frankly I like powerful-looking, classic cars like this, so the alternate mode is full of win.

Robot Mode:
Cliffjumper's transformation is smooth and well-designed, and I'm frankly quite surprised by the amount of work the designers did to put in additional details and joints, like bits of the side of the front bumper folding away, the knees being tucked in with an additional joint so the vehicle mode would look better... heck, buts of the side windows are folded away in the leg so the chest won't have an entire slab of window on either side! there was a lot of thought put into the design of the transformation, and I for one am impressed.

Cliffjumper's chest is formed by the roof of the vehicle, and they move around ever so slightly in their places to show a mid-line of black in the middle. His stocky, muscular shoulders and arms are formed from the rear of the vehicle, his equally atheletic-looking legs are formed from the sides of the vehicle. The hood folds up to form his back, and the headlights swivel to their place on either side of Cliffjumper's waist.

All in all, I cannot stress how alike Cliffjumper is to his character model in the show. The artists designed Cliffjumper to look athletic and muscular, without looking as bulky as Bulkhead, or as sleek as Bumblebee. He's somewhere in the midline of the two, and kind of brings in mind a more squat brawler. That's probably the best word to describe him, his wide shoulders and thick lower arms are indeed quite threatening. Again, as with all Prime characters you could see the inspirations taken from the complexity of the Movieverse sharp edges, parts that have bits in it, that look like they are parts of the car transformed instead of just blocky chunks as with earlier franchises, but. But you can also see the popular stylised style that the Animated franchise utilised, like the thin manga-esque upper arm, the chin, and generally looking very awesome.

He's got the exact same silhouette seen in the cartoon design, and compared to the other Cliffjumper toys that are yet to hit the shelves at the time of writing, he's the closest to resembling the stout brawler from the TV. The other upcoming Deluxe seems to have fiven his arms a fair bit of thinning.

A lot more black appear in robot mode. Basically, anything that's not part of the vehicle mode the neck, the inner torso, the upper arm, the hands, the crotch, knees, feet, shoulder joints... It's all black. Again, a great foil to the red and odd bits of silver.

His head is red, but the horns are cast in the same soft grey plastic as the vehicle horns, and the face is painted silver with a serious 'don't mess with me' scowl on it. His eyes has blue light-piping, which actually don't work as well as it should. Also, his hands are sculpted in open fists, moments from being balled into full fists to break your face with. Like the tradition began in the 2010 Transformers (subtitleless/Reveal the Shield/Generations) line, HasTak are phasing out the 'fist with a circle' and instead moulding actual hands that could grip the standard 5mm weapon. Cliffjumper's hands are moulded like this, with individual fingers lovingly sculpted, but the 5mm hole might not be that obvious unless you realise it's supposed to be there.

Cliffjumper stands a bit shorter than some Deluxe classes, but not that short. He's about a head shorter than Generations Jazz (Goldbox, RTS, whatever), which actually fits with his stout brawler image.

He's also quite well articulated, living up to the lofty standards set up by modern Classics and Movie series. Cliffjumper's head can swivel, his shoulder is double jointed (ball and hinge), his elbows are triple jointed (two hinges and a swivel), his wrists are on swivel joints, his thighs are on ball joints, his knees are on hinges and his ankles are on ball joints. To those who didn't want to process the lengthy description I just typed, basically Cliffjumper isn't a brick, and he's got as much articulation as the normal Deluxe class vehicle, though obviously not as much as Starscream. He could assume most poses, although the ankle joints are a bit restricted, so the footing isn't that flexible. He can, however, assume poses related to beating up Vehicons, which is really all we're going to need of him. Now, I just need to grab a couple of Vehicons (they look SO DAMN PRETTY) so I can pose them around with Cliffjumper...

Now, with a great alternate mode, a great robot mode and damn-near-perfect resemblance to the cartoon model, you'd think Cliffjumper is an excellent Deluxe Class figure. Well, Hasbro made sure to raise the notches up a little... now, you see, Transformers have been using weapons from their wrists ever since the first cartoon, but these are far and few between. It's not until the more modern series like the Movieverse and Animated that numerous characters can retract their hands into their wrists and replace them with a weapon. Smart thing, really... why carry weapons you could drop if you can transform parts of you into the weapons? The Prime series takes it to the extreme, that every single character had some sort of built-in arm weapon. The only exceptions are Megatron and Bumblebee, whose weapons are mounted on their wrists anyway. But designing these on toys usually had mixed results, due to the difficulty of having to include both hands and weapons.

Cliffjumper has the advantage of having chunky lower arms, and his on-screen flip-out arm weapons are these kickass triple-barrelled blaster things. I did not even realise that they included this awesome feature until I fiddled around with the wrists, and rotated out the guns. It's an extremely smooth transformation, there are no signs of the guns when the hands are out and vice versa, and most importantly the guns look quite awesome as they did in the show. And, lo behold, there are no pointless levers or strings or mental Cyber Keys or whatever kind of stupid gimmicks to activate these weapons. Ho yeah.

Bottom line? Cliffjumper is an excellent toy that falls short of being perfect, but that doesn't mean that he's not a damn good one. He ticks every single criteria of being a good toy in my book, and the fact that I love the onscreen character is a great bonus. Between Starscream and Cliffy, I'm having high hopes for the Prime toyline.

Points out of ten for the following:

Durability: 8/10 The silver paint on the tiny Autobot insignia will no doubt flake off with time, and I'm worried about the decorative horns, but otherwise Cliffjumper has survived many attempts at shelf-jumping.

Transformation Design: 10/10 Splendidly thought out. And when they go the extra mile and design joints on tiny parts of the windows and the like so they can fold away neatly in robot mode, well, it just goes to show how much effort they put into this toy. My only quibble is that the headlights my droop from time to time in robot mode, but it's a small quibble.

Aesthetics: 9/10 He looks exactly like his show counterpart in both modes, and I for one love the hybrid stylized-complicated style that the Prime show uses, so it's exactly my cup of tea.

Articulation: 6/10 The aforementioned leg problem does lead to a few difficulties trying to put Cliffjumper in Dreamwave poses, but other than that he's got a wee bit more than your average Deluxe size toy.

Price/Value: 7/10 Depends, really. Getting him at retail price like I did would be fantastic; he's exactly what a Deluxe Class toy should be, but if you had to import him it's going to be a little iffy.

Fun: 8/10 The lack of actual features makes him quite boring... until you realize that you're probably not going to care much about a non-show-accurate gun with an ugly transluscent projectile or something similar, which means the only way Cliffjumper could even be more awesome is if I had half a dozen Vehicon toys for him to pound.

Overall: 9/10 A very solid toy. Like Starscream, Cliffjumper does not disappoint in nearly all aspects of what I see in a toy. He's durable, looks good, has a decent transformation, looks like the show model, has little trinkets in his design that endears me even more... it all boils down whether you like him, really. If you do, this is a must-buy.
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Old 2012-02-16, 06:56 PM   #3070
The man who painted heaven
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North star where bananna froze

Excellent writing and review. I thoroughly enjoy reading it after I finished painting (adding details) mine last night. He is a fun toy.

By the way, you forgot to mention his hollow chest which is the only letdown in my case.

Also, blame on Hasbro, maybe you should add (First Edition) on the title so people won't confuse and wonder if it is the RiD version.
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Old 2012-02-16, 11:23 PM   #3071
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Mmm, I've never actually minded the hollow chest, the design makes it so that it's not that much of a hindrance. Certainly I've seen worse... But I'll add in a sentence or two just for the sake of completion.

I'll deal with titles when I upload reviews
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Old 2012-02-20, 12:23 AM   #3072
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Default Transformers Prime Cliffjumper Legion class

Name: Cliffjumper
Function: Autobot Commando
Subgroup: Legion/$5.99

"The best place to find Cliffjumper is wherever there's likely to be a fight! The tough, aggressive robot loves nothing more than pounding Decepticons into scrap."

Cliffjumper has always been one scrappy little guy. In the Transformers Prime series is no different. As one of the early deaths of the series, at the hands of the nefarious Starscream, Megatron later uses dark Energon to bring Cliffjumper back as a zombot. That's right BRAAAAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNNSSSSSSSSS... Poor Cliffy, if only he knew, maybe he would have killed Megs when he had the chance in G1.

Alternate Mode:

Cliffjumper's alternative mode resembles a Dodge Charger or a fastback Mustang. This chibi version of Cliffy reminds me a bit of Windcharger's G1 car mode. The cattle horns on the front remind me of something you would see in the 70s of big oil guzzling cars that got about 4 miles to the gallon, but just as bold of a character Cliffjumper is, this car is bold too. The car mode is pretty tight and there is not much kibble. There is a classic Autobot symbol on the top of the car. The windows are tinted black and there are flare mufflers running from the side. Both the top and sides have peg holes for the car weapon mode for high speed attacks.

Robot Mode:

Cliffjumper's robot mode is decent for a legion class Transformer. The arms flip out from the hood of the car, then the trunk of the car flips out for the legs, and the torso flips up and over to complete the transformation. The bot has articulation at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and feet. Unfortunately, the head does not move at all, so Cliffy is a bit stiff looking as he turns from one side to the other.

The legion version of Cliffjumper comes with a battle blade made of translucent red plastic. As with the deluxe version, the weapon doubles up as a melee and ranged weapon. As for a legion class, it is an interesting feature for Cliffjumper to have a weapon as most scout class or legion class bots do not have separate weapons.

Transformation Design: 6. Solid car mode with connecting peg joints. Robot mode is not as sturdy with ball joints, and no locking joint for the shoulders.
Fun: 7 This is a solid legion/scout class toy. Reminds me of G1 Windcharger in muscle car mode.
Aesthetics: 5 The legion class Cliffjumper looks best in vehicle mode.
Articulation: 5 The articulation is decent for the size, but do not expect lots of different poses.
Value/Price: 6 The price of $5.99 was from Toys R Us. I picked up the legion class the same time I found the Cliffjumper deluxe. The packaging shows Cyberverse Command your world as a carry over from the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse. These smaller versions of the same characters are interesting for a couple of reasons. The first reason is price is more affordable than the other toys in the line. The second reason is the Cyberverse line has introduced a lot of detail and articulation such as the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Optimus Prime or Megatron versions.

One interesting note is that the deluxe was manufactured in China, and the legion class was manufactured in Vietnam.

**Looks like the first two pictures are deluxe car mode, sorry
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion box front tfa.jpg
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion Cliffjumper muscle car armed side tfa.jpg
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion Cliffjumper muscle car armed tfa.jpg
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion Cliffjumper muscle car side tfa.jpg
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion Cliffjumper muscle car tfa.jpg
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ID:	8782  

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Additional pics.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion Cliffjumper robot 2 tfa.jpg
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion Cliffjumper sword tfa.jpg
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ID:	8784  
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Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Transformers Prime Legion box back tfa.jpg
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Old 2012-02-24, 11:12 AM   #3075

A bit on the short side. Why are there no durability and overall scores?
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Old 2012-02-24, 04:17 PM   #3076
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A bit on the short side.
Some people write short reviews, some people write long reviews. There are advantages to both.

Besides, small toy, short review... makes sense, no?
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Cool DOTM Thundercracker

Faction: Decepticon
Alt Mode: F-22 Raptor

Tech Specs:

G1 Bio: Contemptuous of anything that cannot fly. Not totally convinced of the Decepticons' cause, but they persuaded him to continue battling Autobots. Flies at speeds up to 1500 mph... produces controlled, deafening sonic booms that can be heard for 200 miles. Equipped with powerful drone rockets and incendiary gun. Doubts about cause sometimes impede effectiveness.

Thundercracker is the best definition I can come up with for a "blue collar" (no pun intended) Decepticon. He's strong, doesn't ask too many questions, doubts much of the propeganda fed to him by his superiors and an all around average achiever. This is not to count the guy out, because he's one of my favorite all-time Decepticons. Why? Because action is what he's mostly about. The Decepticons would not have been a formidable force if it weren't for guys like Thundercracker who'd get the job done.
Thundercracker hasn't always been a popular Decepticon because of other figures that were more garish with better characterization than he.To that, my answer is simply that not all can be chiefs, there have to be warriors as well, and Thundercracker was one of the best Decepticon examples.
This off-screen, DOTM version of Thundercracker, built just like Starscream and Skywarp, holds a number of surprises. I will discuss them more thoroughly in the review as I go along.
Transformation: The package said that this figure would be a "2" in difficulty-- It should have been a "3". Once you have mastered Thundercracker's transformation, it's not that hard, but it is on par or even trickier than the Voyager versions of Movies 1 and 2. The deluxe version reminds me a lot of Energon Starscream. The legs fold out very neatly, but very tricky as well. It seems that everything transforms from the middle of the bot. The wings are fairly tricky to maneuver and the central body comprising head and torso are the least threatening part of the whole transformation. The weapons are interesting, but is that Roadbuster's saw-blaster? Overall, for a deluxe, I have not reduced transformation time lower than say 2 minutes yet. The chest/ upper torso is the most noticeable difference in comparison between Deluxe and Voyager versions. I actually prefer the Voyager here to the Deluxe for this, as well as other features. By just flipping around two panels near the arms, you have the "arm pits" of Thundercracker. Overall, transformation is exactly like the other Seekers in this series, and will keep you busy enough. After my experience with this aspect, I am now looking for Skywarp and Starscream deluxe versions as well.

Robot Mode: This is actually my second favorite version of Thundercracker-- ever. The only reason that it isn't is because it isn't G1 . Generations Thundercracker beats him out narrowly in my estimation. I can't justify the price of a Henkei nor a Masterpiece, so this TC is actually the one I will keep, unless I actually do find a Generations version on the shelves. His color scheme works much better than even Starscream's. He truly looks menacing in this version. The arms are a very nice touch, although I would prefer the missiles to that weird blade thing that he uses as a melee weapon. The fact that he also looks like a space vulture lends more believability to the character than a smirking dolt who can't aim strait.
He has a fair amout of articulation. If it weren't for the fact that his legs are oddly articulated in unusual places, it would be one of the best articulated figures ever. The hands are nicely articulated. Arms are fully articulated. No torso rotation.
He's a little squat, but it's only because his legs are bent much like a chicken's . His arms are reminiscent of a sloth's and the hands are actually a great touch (shock!) I like this appearance quite a bit. The paint lends well in this color scheme. He's the perfect troop builder. The only thing I don't particularly like is that ugly bayonette-sword thingy that you put on one of the arms as a melee weapon (more on that later). The saw-blaster really is a great gimmick.

Alt Mode: This is my favorite part of the figure. This looks very authentic with very little robokibble on the top or bottom. Landing gear is a great touch as well. Everything about this mode screams F-22 except (yep-you got it!) that blade thingy. What F22 carries a huge Rambo-daggar in the sky. You can't use it as a sword in the sky. The reverse of that weapon would work as a gun, but still , the aesthetics is thrown off because of that weapon. Landing gear is really nice . The fit and finish of this deluxe version is excellent as well with a very clean paint scheme.
From top-side, you couldn't tell that this were anything but an F-22. It has quite a lot of authentic features. Underneath, the "robogoodies" are visible, but not annoyingly so. It all fits in nice and neat.

Overall: This is so far my favorite of the DOTM Decepticons. It's a great looking jet at a lower price-point than the Voyager. It has plenty of goodies and it has an authentic alt mode. Although I would choose different weaponry than what was given to him, yet the blade is not that big of a detractor to not buy him. The blade is actually great as a sword if swords are what you like to use with TF's. It has a very menacing look and actually does Thundercracker's characterization some justice. All I will say is that DOTM Thundercracker is no G1.

Points out of 10 for the Following:
Transformation: 7- A tricky transformation indeed, but not overly difficult, and nothing ingenious.
Aesthetics: 8- As movie Seekers go, this one really is one of the better ones. The main detractors are the existing mech-tech weapons are not that pleasant to look at in jet mode.
Articulation:8- Excellent articulation throughout. Most points are great-even hands! The legs are a little odd,with no side-step, thus losing points.No torso rotation.
Durability: 8 I really haven't found many weak points on this dude. He's solid for such a spindly character. The wings are my concern because of the relatively thin plastic used to make them. Otherwise, not too shabby.
Price: 6 or 10. I bought mine for a reduced price of $9.97 CAD at WalMart, which is a steal, but the list price is over $16.99, which is highway robbery.
Fun: 8 Yes, you can find loads of fun with this guy. The weapons, though aesthetically unappealing, are actually what make this guy as fun as he is. He has no missiles, so that is a detractor in this department, but overall, there's very little to complain about here. Makes an excellent troop builder.
Overall: 8 Overall, a great deluxe with loads of entertainment qualities. It's nice to see a deluxe of this , or any seeker for the first time in the history of this franchise. Don't let the weapons be a bummer, because you get one great weapon, one not-so -hot sword and all kinds of goodies to go along with it.

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Default DOTM Cyberverse Commander Ironhide

Function:Weapons Expert
Alt Mode: GMC Top Kick Pickup

AUTOBOT weapon specialist and and old-fashioned warrior IRONHIDE is the big stick that backs up the soft steps of OPTIMUS PRIME. Paint scarred and chrome chipped by shrapnel from a hundred battles, he is the oldest of the AUTOBOTS. His right hip is a mass of bypasses and temporary solutions, his power core and timing system are irregular, and his idle is set way too high; but his optics are the sharpest on CYBERTRON, and his cannon arm is as steady as ever. OPTIMUS PRIME relies n him for tactical advice and a cool head. As long as they keep making missiles compatible with his cannons, he'll keep fighting, until every last DECEPTICON is a smoldering wreck.
Ironhide was not always my favorite Transformer. He was first of all one of those predictable hard-case, Sgt. Slaughter types that could take any beating and any amount of verbal abuse as well. He wasn't exactly the smartest, nor exactly the strongest, but really a great ally . It wasn't until TWOW ( The 2007 movie) that Ironhide really emerged with leadership qualities in my estimation. In G1, He took back seat to Prowl and Jazz,and for some reason, liked liquid nitrogen. The movie version of Ironhide was much different. He was wayyyy less affable and took a back seat only to Optimus Prime. In ROTF, he became the very vocal Interim leader of the Autobots, because of Prime's death.
I have owned 5 Ironhide figures since 2007. This review is based on the best small scale (Cyberverse Commander)version I have collected to date.

Transformation: This is perhaps the easiest Ironhide since G1. It may be the easiest movie version ever. The legs convert effortlessly from the truck bed. The arms are still a bit troublesome, but definitely not like Voyager nor HFTD versions. The "folddown" of the hood section to the torso is fairly tricky. The head is pesky , but not incredibly hard. Overall, without troubles with the arms, this could stand to be one of the best transforming Cyberverse dudes to date.
Robot Mode: The robot mode is very movie (2007) accurate. He has both arm cannons , black paint, imposing stance, what's not to like? Minor articulation flaws only slightly dent my articulation score, such as no turning head. The arms . This robot is poseable in so many positions. I find this dude very fun. He makes a very good show piece. The cannons also combine to form the super cannon. This is really cool, and for those who missed or got rid of their TWOW Voyager, they get essentially the same bot, only smaller. He is the perfect size to store, so you could have quite an army of these little dudes. Overall, this guy looks very menacing. With all the right poses, He looks like he can definitely exact vengeance on Sentinel Prime of the same series.
This robot mode, though very enjoyable is not without its faults. The head is stationary and the arms like to pop off in transformation. It suffers from the same upper-torso woes that hftd Ironhide suffers from. Nonetheless, this is a great robot mode and well in scale with Optimus and Megatron.
Alt Mode: Ah,yes-- the GMC Top Kick , the ultimate pick-up truck! This is one great alt mode. In this series, you have to ask the question-- Does the figure have to have all this black plastic in place of clear plastic? Really, you get what you pay for, and in this case, you ain't pay' in for the best paint nor clear plastic, but a small robot that looks decent and gets the job done, even if it doesn't look like glass. What you are paying for are cool weapons that,when attached to the tail of the truck, makes you wish there was a red stripe down the side, and a small "A-Team" logo on the side. So, I really am impressed with the weapons in this mode, just not in combined mode. If you position the cannon the way it is meant to be, the arm peg will prevent the super cannon from lying flat on the cab. Rather, it looks like it should be aiming at Starscream from the ground. The only problem I really have with this mode are the truck doors. These hide the arms, and if they are not lined up just right, can cause the truck to look like it's about to fall apart. I must say, though that even though I like tf robot modes better than vehicle modes (generally speaking), I like both modes equally.
Overall: I think Ironhide is serious fun. He's very poseable, playable, and easy on the eyes. He is light-years better than the legends releases in the two previous movies. There are more joints and an overall better paint job. I honestly feel like I got the best of all worlds on this figure. The Cyberverse Commander line is a winning line chiefly because of Ironhide.

Points out of 10 for the following:
Transformation: 5-- Middlin' easy because you aren't finagling with the arms forever and a day. The bed panels collapse into the legs logically, and you won't feel like you broke him by pulling something too hard.
Aesthetics:8-- Ironhide looks the part of a Weapons Specialist. He's great in all black. Black windows and combo cannon take away from vehicle score.
Articulation:8-- Mostly articulated,except in the waist and head. No serious detractors.
Durability: 6-- I have concerns about Ironhide's doors. The arms pop off easily during mid- transformation.
Price:8-- Usually, these run $10 +. This one cost me $7. Not really that bad.Could be better.
Fun:10-- This is THE most fun you could possibly have out of a small figure ( unless you might count Battle-Steel Prime)
Overall:9 -- A great find! Don't let this one slip away!

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Default DOTM Deluxe Roadbuster [PROOFED - NEEDS PHOTOS]

Name: Roadbuster
Allegiance: Autobot
Size Class: Deluxe Class

"I'll ball ya!"

Naturally, the third Transformers movie introduced a bunch of new Autobots who are supposed to have arrived off-screen during the interim between the second and the third. We have quite a bit in lieu of new Autobots as well, to make up for the suddenly-MIA Skids and Mudflap (due to alleged stereotyping reasons, which, as far as I am concerned, is just the work of oversensitive pricks). We have tiny little Brains, who gets to be Wheelie's sidekick and comedy relief, we have the sleek blade-brandishing Ferrari Dino as well as the eccentric inventor Que, all of which were introduced within the first fifteen minutes or so of the movie.

Then, about halfway through, the Autobots were supposed to get off the planet, and we are introduced to the Wreckers - Roadbuster, Leadfoot and Topspin, a trio of foul-mouthed Autobots who maintain the spaceship Xantium, reportedly not let out of base because they are assholes. After being complete jerks to the human workers, spouting some crazy awesome lines in those funky accents (Roadbuster is Scottish, and Scottish accents are awesome to hear) they apparently die. Then ZOMG they survived, rolling up to literally tear a hapless Decepticon apart limb by limb, Leadfoot apparently biting off a chunk of the poor chap. (Really, if their survival wasn't even more obvious, you think they'd make full-scale models of the Wreckers and use them for two minutes?)

The Wreckers then basically take over the late Ironhide's role as the heavy artillery. And being NASCAR Chevrolet Impalas strapped with a ludicrous amount of weaponry, it really suits the Wreckers fine. They basically held Shockwave at bay (twice) as well as taking down a giant Cloverfield monster Decepticon. But they prove to be decent engineers as well, as their major role involves repairing Optimus' jetpack and freeing him from the inglorious fate of hanging from construction cables. All while being awesome with one-liners in their fun accents.

For those who can't tell their Wreckers apart, Roadbuster is the green, Scottish one with the hat-like helmet and shoulder missile racks. Leadfoot is the red, gruff one with a beard and an awesome giant beer gut with a Target logo on it. Topspin's the blue, dreadlocked, silent guy with giant claws for hands.

Now, older fans might remember that in the Marvel UK comics, Simon Furman introduced 'the Wreckers', an Autobot crack soldier team made up of - yes, you guessed it, badass Autobots with an inclination towards violence. There were several version of the Wreckers team across the various comics, but the classic, original lineup included Roadbuster and Topspin, so at the very least, while the Movie and G1 Roadbusters had absolutely nothing in common except for Wrecker membership and the colour green, the writers didn't randomly pick any name out of the bag.

Roadbuster's one of those names that has not really been reused, and so far only two characters bear the name Roadbuster: the G1 guy and the Movie guy.

How can I not love Roadbuster? Named after one of my favourite G1 characters, a Wrecker and a Scottish hooligan that calls people nancy wankers and threatens to ball them... yeah, I'm a big fan of the DOTM Wreckers. Which, really, isn't a surprise when it leads me to picking him up at retail.

Alternate Mode:
So Roadbuster transforms into a NASCAR Chevrolet Impala. The one seen in the movie is, of course, weaponized to the brim with gatling guns and shit, and you can get a Roadbuster toy looking like that if you spring for the Human Alliance toy. But the Deluxe Roadbuster figure is the non-weaponized version of the Chevy Impala – unlike his Deluxe counterparts in Topspin and Leadfoot, who are both weaponized. Of course, the Wreckers only appear on-screen in their weaponized vehicle mode, but hey, you can't have everything.

Roadbuster's primary colours are a nice shade of dark conifer green and white. Mainly green, with white on his sides. The headlights are painted silver, the wheels are obviously black, and the taillights are painted red. The windows on the front, back and right side are cast in transluscent plastic, while inexplicably the driver’s door window is cast in a blackish-brown grille, accurate to the real NASCAR Impalas. Sadly, the front third of the driver’s window has been left as an open gap, rather than filled with a section of window.

What is terrific, though, is the amount of detail put into Roadbuster's decals. Roadbuster's vehicle mode is based on a real NASCAR vehicle belonging to one Dale Earnhardt Jr. It's got a massive symbol of 'AMP energy' on its hood in white, as well as a smaller Chevrolet symbol. On its roof is a giant red '88', as well as, lovingly, little painted signatures of Dale Earnhardt Jr, which are a nice touch. On each side of the car we have symbols of NASCAR, another giant 88, another AMP energy, and a National Guard symbol. It's all done in great detail, especially the little signatures.

Alas, this is confounded with a real issue – sticky paint. Mine hasn't quite come off yet, but the sides (all those beautifully tampographed advertisements) seem to be quite sticky, which deters me from taking Roadbuster out of the display lest I ruin the sticky paint.

One thing to note, though... unlike Topspin or Crankcase, Roadbuster's peg holes on which you could attach weapons are not big obtrusive holes, but are filled with spring-loaded covers. So, when you rightly feel that Roadbuster would look silly with a chainsaw attached to his car roof, we don't see a big hole in the middle of it either. Beautiful.

Of course it goes without saying that Roadbuster, like many DOTM Deluxes, is a wee bit smaller than their counterparts from previous lines, although Roadbuster's size mercifully isn't quite as jarringly different, unlike Sideswipe or Jolt.

All in all, though, despite all the attention to detail, Roadbuster just isn't catching to the eye. He simply just lacks appeal. Probably it's because, unlike the alternate modes to the Deluxe class versions of Topspin (who had an armoured hood and spiky doors and tiny guns) and Leadfoot (who had exposed side engines and tiny guns), Roadbuster's looks the most like a stock car, which is a shame. You could attach the included MechTech chainsaw-thing to Roadbuster and pop out his rear rocket launchers but that makes him look even more horrible. Frankly I'm baffled why they released Roadbuster in a purely unweaponized mode when every other Wrecker toy in this size class had weapons strapped onto it... perhaps a deal with whatever execs to release an unblemished Chevy Impala in each size class (Legion Topspin, Deluxe Roadbuster and Human Alliance Leadfoot are all standard un-weaponized stock cars, unlike their counterparts)? Highly unlikely, but that's my insane theory and I'm sticking to that.

Thankfully, we can alleviate this boredom by transforming Roadbuster into our favourite Scottish Wrecker. (Technically, he's the only Scottish Wrecker, but still, he's our favourite, right?)

Robot Mode:
Roadbuster's transformation is quite easily done, quite smooth if I wasn't so afraid of smudging the white paint. I particularly like little details like the wheels on his legs actually being able to move and clip on further down his thigh, which, while completely unnecessary makes him look more like his on-screen CG model, which is a nice touch.

However, a huge chunk of his vehicle mode, namely his entire roof and much of his hood not placed on his chest, hangs off his back, which kind of makes him look unwieldy. Roadbuster's got two missile racks hanging from his back, which would have been awesome if they are placed on stronger joints and don't flop down after a while. Of course, they are not located at the positions they are in the CGI model – in the film Roadbuster’s missile launchers are on connected directly to his shoulders, whereas the Deluxe Class figure has a back mounted ‘Y’ rack. Still, what’s not to love about a Scottish Transformer armed to the max with massive rocket launchers?

His headsculpt is excellent. For those who don't know, he's got a funky visor and a sports hat, making him look like a bit of a hooligan. Still, he looks exactly like how he looks like in the movie.

Roadbuster's got quite a bit of molded (sadly unpainted) detail, as is to be expected from an onscreen character. He's got the average range of articulation for a deluxe class toy as well... head on a ball joint, shoulder, elbow, thighs, double-jointed knees, ankles, missile racks... he's got decent balance, too, and the kibble backpack, on account of being thin pieces of plastic, doesn't hinder much.

He's got a MechTech port (spring loaded, remember) on each arm, which are the doors in vehicle mode. Roadbuster comes with this funny thin gun with chainsaw spikes... which becomes a chainsaw when you pull the lever. A chainsaw with giant holes in the middle... which wouldn't be so bad, if there were a way to keep it deployed as a chainsaw permanently. As it is, Roadbuster is left with a weak-looking weapon that fails to look threatening at all. Thankfully he's got those shoulder missile racks to rely on to look badass...

So where does Roadbuster go wrong? Simply put, his colour scheme. In the movie, Roadbuster is mainly metallic green, with moving black-and-grey-and-chrome metal making up the rest of his non-kibble body. The toy decides to replace all the 'moving metal' bits with simple, plain old grey plastic. His entire body is basically ugly grey with a few tack-on green parts. Which is a shame... all those molded details that should be green on the CG model are left unpainted. Really, if bits on his chest and stomach and legs are picked out in greens and, oh... black, probably? Roadbuster won't look so... dull.

Really, it's a pity when you consider guys like Que get lots of unnecessary paint applications, while Roadbuster lacks them.

Like DOTM Jolt, another great, excellent toy rendered not as awesome due to poor colour choices.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: 6.5 – Mmm, there's nothing to be faulted in the design, certainly. Plus points added for the aforementioned thigh-wheel thing, but really it's quite generic.

Durability: 4 – Ooh, I don't like how the sticky paint feels. Some of the white paint on mine has already begun to smudge off, which had put me off touching Roadbuster with greasy hands. Physically, some of the jutting flat edges (like the windows) feel fragile.

Articulation: 6 – He's got decent articulation, but really not any more than a normal Deluxe class toy.

Aesthetics: 4 – Roadbuster's got it all... proper layout, moulded details... and he certainly shows it off with the NASCAR decals in the vehicle mode. But the ugly flat grey plastic makes his robot mode look dull, and next to Topspin and Leadfoot, his vehicle mode looks very unsatisfying.

Fun: 7 – What can I say, I love the Wreckers. BADASS SCOTTISH TRANSFORMER ARMED TO THE MAX WITH ROCKETS AND A CHAINSAW!!!! Need more ever be said?

Price/Value: 5 – He's a decent Deluxe class toy, but not particularly an excellent one like Topspin or Battle Blade Bumblebee.

Overall: 6.5 – Roadbuster is a toy that would have gotten an 8 or 9 if he had been tweaked a little. In the beginning, I had him as a solid 8 in my head before I began noticing the little problems with him... which, really, aren't that difficult to fix. Screw the MechTech weapon and a few tiny little guns like Topspin for the vehicle mode, paint in a few details in the chest and crotch, add a wee more green and voila, you have the perfect Roadbuster toy. Of course, I knew I'd get Roadbuster to complete my set, but for those who aren't rabid Movieverse collectors or Wrecker fanboys (or Scottish), Roadbuster isn't really as recommended as Topspin is.

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Default DOTM Cyberverse Commander Megatron

Function: Decepticon Leader
Alt Mode: Mack Titan Tanker Truck
Motto: Peace Through Tyranny

Tech Specs:
Strength: 10

Megatron has survived countless skirmishes with the Autobots. Although he has been deactivated more than once, he has never been permanently destroyed. He has devised a diabolical plan to assume the dictatorship of Cybertron by enslaving the Earth. With everything falling into place, nothing will stand in his way of total conquest.

Megatron is one of my favorite villains of all time. He is intelligent, cultured, agressive, and yet a chronic underachiever. Because he never stays long in the heat of a battle, he often loses by default to Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Although this is not my favorite version of Megs, yet I have a few things to say about this version.

Transformation: As a part of the Cyberverse Commanders, he has a simplified transformation that is fairly intuitive. I find this particular figure the easiest in the series to transform. The legs are simpler than they look, and they come out of a most interesting place. The arms (although prone to pop off) are much like TWOW Bonecrusher (Seen it before). This figure has several features that I have seen before in other figures-- especially deluxe Bonecrusher. The fusion cannon even transforms. That's not too bad, but it looks goofy if you split the cannon in half. After all, Megs needs at least one hand free in the battle. The most challenge in this figure comes by arranging the upper torso to drop the grille and brush guard over the chest area. I like the legs overall, because of the rotation. In Alt mode, all this honest-to -goodness robot villain is neatly compacted into the Mack Titan (snicker). If you have the extra to put on it, I would recommend the extended length battle base edition which includes an extended fuel tank, and a majorly amped fusion cannon.
Robot Mode: For a Cyberverse Commander, Megatron is one of the best. He's stocky, strong and extremely durable (unlike the movie). He also looks VERY DOTM Megatron. Many smaller versions of other characters lose the identity of the character in cm's of globby plastic-- not Megs. When transformed, he is as tall as Prime, shorter than Sentinel and taller than Ironhide, as he should be. He is very poseable because the legs are moveable in many directions below the knee. The arms have ball joints in the elbows, so as long as the arm is in the right position, you will be able to have decent movement. The head shows the injury imposed on him by Optimus Prime using his own cannon against him in ROTF. The problem is that it's stationary-- the only problem with any of the Cyberverse Commander series in articulation. Again, I say this isn't my favorite design, but I notice the small things about this figure (No pun intended). The rivots on the cab section give this character a "Frankenstein-ish" quality. The color of this guy also lends to his sinister nature.
Alt Mode: Megatron's Alt mode is (again) a Mack Titan Tanker. Whereas the size of the robot is very appropriate, and well proportioned, the regular issue alt mode of the DOTM Cyberverse Megatron is not. The fuel tank is simply too short. This is no doubt trying to meet a price point and to give a lower price alternative to the "full-scale" Cyberverse battle station version of the same figure. The cab section of the truck is proper, but the tank looks too small for the cab. The front of the cab looks very aggressive. The truck is very reminiscent of TWOW Bonecrusher, due to the front end, the placement of the arms under the cab and the military appearance of this vehicle. In comparison between Megs and Prime, Prime is longer, but shorter in vehicle mode.
Overall: I like this version of DOTM Megatron. It's easy (almost sacrilege for a Megatron figure) and it looks superb among the other Legends and Cy- berverse figures in my collection. He is the best built figure in this line, in spite of his tank proportions. He's very well articulated with joints everywhere, even joints that are present on more expensive versions. I have four Megatron figures, of which this is my second favorite.

Points out of 10 for the following:
Transformation:4 Easy- almost too easy for Megatron, yet intuitive-- the hallmark of this series.
Aesthetics:8-- how could something so ugly garner such a good "pretty" score? Simply the robot mode and the front of the tanker. The rear needs to be lengthened to be believable.Fusion cannon in robot mode is awkward any way you put it. Robot :9, Tanker:6
Articulation:9-- Well articulated. No head movement
Durability: 10 Rock Solid ! No loose joints nor parts.
Price:8-- This one seemed to be at $7.00 CAD. Not too bad for a figure that usually gets a price of around $10 CAD. Not too shabby, but could be better.
Fun:9.5-- In spite of the appearance, this guy is fun-FUN!! The only detractor is the short fuel tank, and that you have to split it in order for you to transform the cannon.
Overall:9 For the figure itself , this is very well made. It serves well as a commander for Legend-size troops. Although the truck looks like it needs a dwarf crew to drive it, it's saving grace is the compactness and the lower price. I can't really complain about what I got for the price I did. Well done, Hasbro.

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