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Old 2012-05-02, 08:17 AM   #1
One with the Matrix
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Default [Prime] S02E11 Flying Mind

Rubbish title for the kiddy cartoon staple of having someone's base turn against them. The twist (such as it is) being that this time, its the bad guys' base. Another ho-hum episode livened up by Optimus stepping up and taking action to retrieve the artifacts, despite it all ending with the Autobots stuck in stasis. The human cast get something to do for the first time since episode 1 and we get to see Dreadwing and Knock Out too. I wish we got to see more of these two, I'm a bit tired of drones and don't really understand why they're relegated to cameo roles.

After a fairly strong start, Prime seems to be sliding into the same sort of padding and mediocrity that characterised much of Season One. Nice bit of foreshadowing at the end, but I do wonder if the budget will stretch to cover such ambition - I suspect we will have another eerily quiet city....

...also a bit disappointed that this Season is turning out one of the more tired US cliches, if its not a 'journey' , its a 'quest' of somesort...
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Old 2012-05-02, 05:08 PM   #2
Cellar Door
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Seconded there... the episode wasn't bad per se and it was nice to have Jack especially back doing something, but the last few have felt pretty formulaic and unadventurous. I'm beginning to think a few new faces might be what the show needs, especially among the Autobots, but at the same time Dreadwing seems to have simply taken over Breakdown's function so I'm not convinced.
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